New Holland Launches Watermelon Spritz

New Holland Brewing is ignoring Punxsutawney Phil’s disheartening winter prediction for 2021 and announces an exciting and refreshing new style of craft beverage, Watermelon Spritz.

The brewery best known for innovative and progressive flavors, from their top rated Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout to their better-for-you Lightpoint Functional White
Ale, adds to its beer program with a spring-friendly taste explosion that’s one part seltzer, one part sparkling ale, and a healthy splash of natural watermelon.watermelon spritz

As the craft beer and seltzer categories continue to grow, New Holland Brewing is taking this unique approach to appeal to both beer and seltzer drinkers, offering a spritz beverage that’s sure to impress with flavor and approachability. This hybrid beverage is the result of brewing a wheat beer that is high in fruity esters, combined with natural watermelon and fizzy seltzer for a bubbly, crisp and slightly tart beverage with bold fruit flavor. Watermelon Spritz comes in at a respectable 4.3% ABV with a light blonde color, crushable body, and refreshing mouthfeel.

Watermelon Spritz is one of several new additions to the New Holland portfolio in recent months, and is an expression of their new brand message: For Gezellig Times. “Gezellig is a vibe that lives at the heart and soul of the brewery,” said Adam Dickerson, Brand Manager for New Holland. “A term that is used often in Dutch culture, Gezellig loosely translates to an atmosphere that allows for good times to happen. It is joyful, gregarious, social and cheerful. If you’ve ever been to Holland, MI, you know exactly what we’re talking about.”

Watermelon Spritz’s can is charming and quirky with watermelon umbrellas cascading down springtime rain onto a classic pennyfarthing bicycle with watermelon tires. Dickerson continues, “We hope you are transported through the windmill on the can to the land of Gezellig, where the beer is fresh, the vibe is cheerful and there’s always an open seat at the bar with your name on it.”

In addition, New Holland will be dropping their new Summer Ale, a tart IPA, in May. A tantalizing lead-in to the warmer months, this slightly sour IPA is dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops, producing a brew with tart, citrusy flavor and a tropical bouquet
of hop aroma. At 5.3% ABV the Summer Ale is a full bodied yet refreshing approach for the summertime IPA drinker. With the brewery only a few miles from the beaches of Lake Michigan, New Holland knows how to make the best of summer and this new brew is no

Watermelon Spritz is available on February 8th in 6 packs of 12oz cans and their Summer Ale will become available in May in 6 packs of 12oz cans.