About Us

Bar Business Media empowers the diverse voices of the bar industry by providing a platform to share their stories—in our website, podcasts, newsletters, social media, and virtual events. From the smallest dive bar to the most prominent franchise, we highlight members of the community transforming the guest experience, advancing their company culture, inspiring others as they strive for success, and leading the industry into the future.

Since 2008, Bar Business has been providing owners, operators, and managers the opportunity to find out what is going on in the nightlife industry, and more importantly, how to benefit from it all and better their own business. We are the “how-to” resource for the bar industry and cover everything from trends, recipes, legislation, new products and services, and more.

Based in New York City and helmed by Editor-in-Chief Ashley Bray and Publisher Gary Lynch, Bar Business Media aims to bring stories from behind the bar to the forefront of the conversation.