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how to market open mic night

8 Ways to Promote Your Bar’s Open Mic Night

By Mark Plumlee An open mic night isn’t just for the up-and-coming musician, comedian, or poet. It’s also an excellent promotional opportunity for any bar...
The Chicago Magic Lounge

Is Your Bar Offering Guests an Experience?

By Elyse Glickman Will the ’20s of this century be as roaring as that of the previous one? The simple answer is that it depends...
retro raccoons

Retro Raccoons: A New Bar Game

As fun-hungry customers flock back to bars, restaurants and arcades, they’re eager to reconnect with friends and share some lighthearted recreation. Enter Retro Raccoons,...
virtual golf simulator

How a Virtual Golf Simulator Can Increase Your Bar’s Revenue

By Adolfo Dolan Bar customers are hitting the links and bringing in revenue for bar owners. Many bars have installed golf simulators in the past...