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Seasonal Cocktail Recipes

Hendrick's strawberry cocktail recipe

National Strawberry Day Cocktail Recipes

This Monday, February 27th, marks the second full moon of 2023 and in addition to the celestial event, it’s National Strawberry Day. To celebrate,...
horoscope cocktail

2023 Cocktail Horoscopes

Looking for something fun and unique to add to your bar's 2023 cocktail menus? Check out Absente Absinthe’s Cocktail Horoscopes and tell your bar...
fall cocktail recipe

Fall Cocktail Recipes

The first official day of fall is September 22, but we bet your guests are already asking for fall cocktail recipes. Here are a...
rampur cocktail recipe

Rampur Spiked Chai

Rampur Single Malt’s Spiked Chai is sure to warm the hearts and hands of even the most difficult bar guest to please. Rampur Asava...