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Does Ice Carry Germs? What You Should Know

Now more than ever, it’s important to receive an "A" grade for your company's health inspection. With COVID-19 cases rapidly growing around the country,...
Vito Fryfilter fried food

How to Decide When to Change Your Frying Oil

Deep frying is a very popular way to cook. Done right, the fried goods are delicious, fast served, and deliver a perfect crunch. However,...
Hoshizakai cubelet ice dispenser water dispenser

Hoshizaki Expands Lineup with Launch of Cubelet Ice and Water Dispenser

Hoshizaki is pleased to announce the launch of two updated models to its ice and water dispenser lineup. The DCM-271BAH and DCM-271BAH-OS replace the...
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Don’t Let Cold Temperatures Freeze Your Ice Supply!

Most people wouldn't assume that cold temperatures could negatively affect a commercial ice machine. Ironically, cold temperatures, meaning 55 degrees and below, can significantly...