Plumbing Tips for Bars

By Nelson Salas, Owner of Amigo Rooter & Plumbing 


A functioning plumbing system is essential for a bar to run efficiently. Any stoppage or breakdown in the plumbing system can cause inefficiencies and slow down service.

In addition to common kitchen issues, the more customers you have means the more people using the restrooms, so you want to make sure your pipes are working properly to avoid a bathroom disaster and keep your customers happy.

Here are a few plumbing tips you can use to keep your bar running smoothly.

Clean Your Drains Regularly

Keeping your drains free of debris is a must for any bar. Keep your pipes clear with regular maintenance. Use a bacteria-based cleaner once a month to keep your drains functioning properly. Bacteria cleaners use active bacteria and enzymes to eat away the gunk build up that accumulates over time.

plumbing tips for bars

Bar and drink stations also need regular maintenance. Bartenders often push lemon peels and cherry stems down the bar drain and this can cause backups or clogs in the plumbing. Investing in a plumbing snake to break through tough clogs is suggested if you keep having these issues.

Alcohol, soda, and juice all contain sugar, which can also create buildup in the pipes and create odors. Avoid this by having your bartender pour hot water down the well drain and fountain stations after each shift.

Use Filters on Drains

An easy way to keep your pipes from getting clogged in the kitchen and at the bar is by installing drain filters. You can purchase these filters from any home improvement or restaurant supply store. Simply install the filter over the drains to prevent material from going down the pipes and causing clogs. You can also purchase a length of screen and cut out your own filters. Food particles and trash should never go down the drains.

Detect Leaks

leaky pipesLeaky pipes can be costly over time if left undetected. Leaks can also cause damage to flooring or areas under sinks, dishwashers, and bar drains. It is the responsibility of the management team to keep costs low and the regular inspection of pipes can help do this.

Check your pipes regularly, about once a month, for any leaks or clogs. If you find a leak, immediately call a plumber to fix the issue.

Maintain Grease Traps

Regular maintenance of grease traps is one of the most important tasks in bars and restaurants. Grease build-up in plumbing systems can cause serious damage. Over time, grease can collect and form masses that collect other debris, which can lead to major plumbing problems. Grease clogs can cause backflow issues, and in a kitchen that you need to keep sanitary, this is the last thing you want.

To keep your plumbing system clear, clean your grease traps regularly to prevent buildup. Cleaning your grease traps on a regular basis will also help prevent fires.

A functioning plumbing system is essential to keep your bar running smoothly. Train your employees to dispose of trash and food material in the proper location and never put these products down the drain.

If you encounter plumbing issues, it is important to contact a professional plumber immediately to prevent more damage from taking place and help save you money.


Nelson Salas is the owner of Amigo Rooter & Plumbing in Phoenix. Salas is originally from El Paso, Texas and has worked full-time as a Master Plumber in Texas and Arizona.


Photos (top to bottom): Anıl Karakaya from Pexels; pan xiaozhen on Unsplash