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New Research Reveals Blind Spots in Online Menus

Revenue Management Solutions, in partnership with the University of South Florida’s Center for Marketing and Sales Innovation (CMSI) and CMSI Director and Study Primary...
wildfire insurance society insurance

Wildfire Season: How Bars/Restaurants Can Better Protect Themselves

By Society Insurance's Jarrett Wagner Come August, more than 9,000 wildfires burn in the U.S., on average, causing nearly two million acres of damage, which...
Business insurance online

Why You Should Consider Buying Business Insurance Online

If you’re a business owner who has purchased business insurance online, congratulations! You’ve taken an important step to protect your company and also capitalized...
document storage

How to Store Documents Properly

By Raymond Rangel and Patty Caradonna The preservation of business records should be a concern for any bar owner. Correctly storing your documents is important...