How a Virtual Golf Simulator Can Increase Your Bar’s Revenue

By Adolfo Dolan

Bar customers are hitting the links and bringing in revenue for bar owners. Many bars have installed golf simulators in the past year as a way to bring in customers, offer a new form of entertainment, and increase profits. These simulators provide hours of fun as people can play on real golf courses in a simulated environment.

virtual golf simulator

Golf simulators are highly accurate and allow players to simulate a full round of golf including all of the real-life elements such as driving, chipping, and putting. A golf simulator is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities. Installing a golf simulator in a bar offers a low maintenance solution for adding revenue and increasing profits. Here are some of the key benefits you can get from installing a golf simulator in your bar.

Increase profits

Adding one or more golf simulators to your bar will create a unique entertainment option for your customers. Simulators help bars stand out from the crowd and provide something different that can convince potential customers to choose your bar over others. Golf simulators also tend to bring in larger groups of people. Friends, family, business meetings, and other groups will contribute to the higher number of customers entering your establishment.

Golf simulators are a great way to keep customers in your bar. Depending on the size of the group, a round of golf on a simulator will take around one to two hours. Often these groups show up to the bar before they start playing and stay after to have drinks or some appetizers, contributing to a longer-than-average stay for customers, which brings in more money.

Most bars with golf simulators charge per hour or per round. This alone will add top-line revenue to your bar. On top of that, players will be ordering food and drinks during their time playing on the simulator, bringing in more money.

Change the bar’s atmosphere and experience

Whether you are playing or watching, customers enjoy the fun atmosphere that a golf simulator provides. Golf simulators give experienced golfers and beginners alike an easy way to enjoy the game and spend quality time with friends and family. Customer’s playing your golf simulator will leave your bar with a memory, increasing the likelihood they will comeback or recommend your establishment to friends.

Installing a golf simulator also offers the chance to create tournaments and other events. Having competitive entertainment will keep your bar on people’s minds throughout the week. Competitive entertainment, such as golf simulators, helps strengthen an emotional affinity to your bar and provides a social experience that customers will remember. This will help turn occasional customers into regulars.

Multi-purpose uses of golf simulators

Golf simulators can be used for other sports as well. Additional software can be installed to provide your customers with different competitive entertainment options such as baseball, soccer, or football.

The golf simulator projection screen can also be turned into a big-screen TV for showing sporting events and other popular shows. Bars can utilize the golf simulator area as a private viewing room that customers can rent for large events like the Super Bowl or World Series. Other uses for golf simulators include karaoke, business meetings, and trivia nights. All of these different uses of golf simulators provide you with ample opportunity to increase your profits because you can charge for the use of the simulator while also serving drinks and food.

Installing a golf simulator in your bar provides a great dual-purpose space that can be utilized in many different ways to add value to your business.

Adolfo Dolan is the Residential Sales Representative at Automated Environments in Mesa, Arizona. Automated Environments has been in residential/commercial audio, visual, security and smart systems in central Arizona for 25 years.
Photo by tyler hendy from Pexels.