Founders Brewing Co. Introduces All Day Vacay

Founders Brewing Co. has announced the arrival of All Day Vacay, the first line extension from the original session IPA – All Day IPA – in Founders Brewing Co. history. The new session wheat ale will whisk you away with its slight, summery sweetness, complemented by delicate notes of citrus. Inspired by the ultimate getaway, the new label takes All Day’s iconic station wagon to the beach, complete with a waterfront and a surfboard. Whether it’s a staycay or vacay, it’s the perfect companion for any type of adventure.Founders All Day IPA

“We are continually looking for interesting and unique beer alternatives for different occasions. All Day IPA was a real game changer for us at Founders,” said President and Co-Founder, Dave Engbers. “We all love spending time outdoors, so we challenged ourselves to find a light, refreshing and delicious wheat extension to the All Day franchise. With all our brands, it’s about balance. Finding the right combination of malted barley and specialty grains balanced with the bitterness and aroma of hops is truly the artistry of creating a great beer.”

True to its heritage, All Day Vacay is a sessionable 4.6% ABV that packs in flavor; stone fruit and tropical hop aromas combine with citrus and slight bready notes, to finish with moderate sweetness and a soft, refreshing mouthfeel.

“I was really thinking about flavors that capture the essence of summertime, the beach and vacations in general,” said Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki. “In the spirit of original All Day, Vacay would have to be perfectly well-balanced and completely refreshing. A light, crisp body for easy drinking, low hop bitterness and a generous amount of wheat malt to keep it soft on the palate and hints of citrus to brighten up the whole experience.”

All Day Vacay will be available in 12 oz. cans, 6-packs, 15-packs and on draft from April through September 2021 across the entire 50-state distribution footprint. Pricing in the Founders taprooms will be $9/6-pack and $18/15-pack; prices will vary by market.