El Sativo: The First Tequila to Isolate Terpenes in the Raw Agave

El Sativo tequilaEl Sativo, the 2020 Tequila of the Year at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, launches this summer.

Bottles will be available for purchase at Total Wine in California starting mid-June and retail stores in Illinois and New Mexico in the fall. El Sativo will debut their offerings with the award-winning Tequila Blanco, with plans to offer a reposado and anejo in 2021. Tequila Blanco will retail between $39.99 – $45.99 for a 750ml.

El Sativo’s co-creators and fourth-generation family of distillers use an innovative distillation process that captures and accentuates the agave plant’s own natural benefits. “These terpenes, found in the agave, have a myriad of health benefits, including mood-lifting and energy-boosting attributes, which is why we transformed our distillation process in order to help maintain their properties,” states co-founder Dr. Robert Summers.

The El Sativo team is committed to improving the environment, helping to build awareness, and pushing to find remedies to help preserve the precious resources of our planet. Translated from Spanish, El Sativo means “Sown in Seeds,” as anything planted, nurtured, and grown is life. Every bottle sold gives back to ocean conservancy. The bottle is made of 100% recycled smart non-combustible glass and has an organic soluble label that is pesticide free.

El Sativo Tequila is certified USDA organic, 100% Non–GMO, Kosher and Vegan friendly.

The Process

“Our distillery is located in the lowlands of Amatitán, Jalisco; we’re single estate, our agaves are planted, nurtured, and harvested solely in our fields and never sourced. It was important for us to be completely organic, so our cultivation is carried out without pesticides or fungicides, and we only use organic fertilizers. The organic certification process is far more complex and time consuming than the process for common tequila.” says co-founder and singer-songwriter Jaime Whitton.

Using small batch stone ovens, the blue agaves are slowly steamed for 24-48 hours, using no diffusers nor autoclaves. The process pays homage to the art of tequila making by using the traditional technique. Fermenting with its own natural yeast, the team uses reverse osmosis water filtered through 135 feet of volcanic rock for a pure filtration process.

Tasting Notes: El Sativo Tequila Blanco

  • 40% ABV, 750ml, NOM 1480
  • Bouquet: Vibrant citrus and sweet agave
  • Palate: Lift of white pepper and sweet agave with a waterfall of stone fruit savoring on the taste buds
  • Finish: Long uplift of white pepper, dried fruit, earth and sweet agave