California’s Porch Pounder Canned Wines Expands Nationwide

Brew Pipeline Porch Pounder

Brew Pipeline, a direct-access platform between craft beverage producers and new markets, announced it’s welcoming Porch Pounder, award-winning canned wines from California, as its newest PORTFOLIO addition. All five of Porch Pounder’s wines will be available nationwide (44 new states) and year round.

One of the first wineries to bring canned wine to market, Porch Pounder highlights vinted wines from single appellation vineyards sourced from the central coast wine region of California. With sustainable packaging, each can fills the equivalent of two full glasses of wine or half a bottle.

“As the canned wine trend continues to grow in popularity, Brew Pipeline is thrilled to add Porch Pounder to the family,” says Steve Kwapil, CEO and co-founder of Brew Pipeline. “All five top-quality canned wines are thoughtfully crafted and delicious – we’re confident the rest of the country will agree.”

Porch Pounder has been placed in over a hundred on-premise accounts across the nation, and they are looking forward to entering new territories with Brew Pipeline. “There are places that don’t like glass (poolside), don’t have draft wine and like the small, shareable size,” says Brian Keer, Porch Pounder. “An account may lose money on the first pour out of a bottle, and lose overall if it gets old and they don’t sell through it when by the glass. With the cans, they make margin instantly and can afford to offer better deals than normal by the glass.”

Porch Pounder is available in single 375ml cans and will soon be available on draft. The
suggested retail selling price ranges from $4.99 to $5.99 per can.

Product specs:

● Chardonnay
○ 2018 vintage
○ 12% ABV
○ Varietal – Chardonnay
○ Aromatics – tropical notes of pineapple, melon and papaya
○ Tasting notes- round with crisp acidity and notes of apple and tangerine,
finishing with a light minerality

● Rosé
○ 2018 vintage
○ 13.7% ABV
○ Varietals – Pinot Noir, Grenache, Syrah, Sangiovese
○ Aromatics – watermelon, strawberry, hints of hibiscus
○ Tasting notes – summer fruits complimented with citrus, crisp acidic finish

● Brut Rosé
○ 13.7% ABV
○ Varietals – Grenache, Syrah Pinot Noir, Viognier
○ Aromatics – ripe strawberry, freshly cut citrus, rose petals
○ Tasting notes – watermelon, strawberries, sweet orange preserves, fresh acidic

● Red wine
○ 2017 vintage
○ 14.9% ABV
○ Varietal – Pinot Noir blend
○ Aromatics – blueberries, blackberries, hint of herbs
○ Tasting notes – cherries, cinnamon spice, round tannins, long-lasting finish of
cocoa and mocha

● Moscato
○ 11% ABV
○ Varietal – Muscat Blanc
○ Aromatics – floral and tropical notes of guava, pineapple and birds of paradise
○ Tasting notes – crisp, light-bodied, light sweetness