One in a Melon

El Jardin Cantina One in a Melon cocktail recipeIngredients:
3 oz cane syrup
4.5 oz lime juice
15 oz watermelon juice
12 oz tequila
1 whole watermelon

Cut watermelon in half and put one half aside. Use a melon baller (or small ice cream scoop) to scoop out the meat of the other half and leave balls in freezer for at least three hours. Carve out the meat in the remaining half and throw in a blender or food processor until it’s a puree/liquid consistency. Add cane syrup, lime juice, watermelon juice and tequila in small shakers. Add crushed ice and whip. Pour mixture into one of the empty watermelon halves, and add 10 watermelon balls along with more ice. Top with whole large bottle of Topo Chico and plenty of eco-friendly straws to share! Serves six.

Recipe courtesy of El Jardin Cantina