Stoli® Group Launches The Stoli Eco-Bar

Stoli® Group, the leading global ultra-premium spirits and wines company, announced the launch of The Stoli Eco-Bar, a sustainable bar operation. The Stoli Eco-Bar premiered at the Athens Bar Show November 9-10th, 2021.Stoli Group

“As a global business, we have a responsibility to serve as a leader in empowering people around the world to make sustainable choices,” commented Damian McKinney, Global CEO of Stoli Group. “With sustainability at the heart of our DNA, we have a plan to deliver one vision and one mission: establishing the most powerful and sustainable ultra-premium spirits and wines portfolio by 2025. The Stoli Eco-Bar gives you just a taste of what’s to come.”

The Stoli Eco-Bar leads by demonstrating that enjoyment must be done in a way that is good for the environment, good for people, and good for business. To that end, the bar:

  1. Contributes to Stoli Group’s corporate goal of achieving  Net Zero Emissions by 2025 through efficient supply chains by:
    • Sourcing energy from installed solar panels.
    • Using partially recycled materials for over 60%. Most of the bar construction is made from remainders of compressed wood, aka Oriented Strand Board (OSB). An example of recyclable material is biodegradable bamboo barware line including a bar mat, a muddler, a menu holder, a cutting board and a napkin caddy.
  2. Uses locally sourced ingredients that are grown inside and in the surrounding area in pots and flower boxes. The indigenous and fresh organic herbs and botanicals such as mint, lavender and rosemary are harvested on-the-spot and used as a garnish in the cocktails served at the bar.
  3. Is a Champion of inclusion and diversity, celebrating all genders and categories as the world’s best male and female bar staff will be sharing their expertise in sustainability and eco-conscious bar life, while ensuring equal opportunities for all.
  4. Promotes sustainable partnerships in the form of Giacomo Giannotti from the world-famous Paradiso bar, located in Barcelona and ranked #19 among the World’s 50 Best Bars. Giannotti will share his knowledge and skills to showcase how to reuse, reduce and recycle bar waste. Together with his team, Giacomo developed a technique which facilitates recycling bar waste, in which leftovers are dried and transformed to eco-friendly wax and turned into ultra-sustainable coasters.
  5. Utilizes on-site tools to demonstrate how things can be reused. For example, a bottle-to-sand machine will demonstrate how glass bottles can be transformed into sand which can then be turned into useful objects- such as ceramic bowls, vases or pendants.

“While a successful sustainable journey can’t be achieved alone, together we can make a lasting difference for our planet and generations to come,” concluded McKinney.