Singer Jay Sean Announces First Premium Canned Sparkling Sake, Smoothsail

A globally-inspired new twist in the white-hot canned beverages category has finally arrived: Smoothsail, the world’s first premium, canned sparkling sake brand boasting natural flavors, clean ingredients, zero sugar and a superior taste profile, has hit the market.Jay Sean Smoothsail

From co-founder, chief cultural officer and renowned singer Jay Sean, and made using only the cleanest premium grade sake, ultra-filtered water and precise brewing process, unique monk fruit and stevia extract blend, Smoothsail is a refreshing beverage that’s conveniently canned for every celebration, big or small.

A natural, easy-drinking alternative in the booming beverages category, Smoothsail clocks in at 7 percent ABV—nearly double that of similar hard seltzers. It’s free of sulfites, tannins and gluten, and it is made from Japanese rice wine, which is prized for sparing imbibers the painful effects of hangovers.

“I’ve long wished there was a drink that I could enjoy and not feel guilty about, because let’s be honest, a fun time can result in a sluggish, bloated and non-productive next day,” says Jay Sean. “While on tour in Asia, I discovered my love for sake. It’s different from everything else in the West — clean, sugar-free, gluten-free, tannin free and sulfite-free,
all while somehow being incredibly delicious. With Smoothsail, we’ve created a unique, effervescent sake beverage that’s made in America and unlike anything you’ve ever had. It’s so much fun to sip. I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

The sake market has long suffered from consumers’ lack of education about sake, as well as high mark-ups and limited points of sale. Geared towards wellness-savvy, experience-seeking millennials, Smoothsail aims to demystify sake, making it more accessible, thanks to its sleek packaging and spotlight on sake’s many benefits.