Elysian Brewing and Rolling Stone Collab in Craft Beer Partnership

Elysian Rolling Stone LagerElysian Brewing Company, a brewery rooted in music and art, and Rolling Stone, the music industry publisher on the bleeding edge of pop culture, have joined to produce Elysian Rolling Stone Lager, a high-end beer that embraces the spirit of music and looks to add a bit more magic to the world. It debuted Saturday, February 1, at the Rolling Stone LIVE: Miami Big Game Experience. It will roll out to beer-lovers nationwide in April.

The Rolling Stone collaboration is a milestone in craft brewing, and the first time the music publisher has put its iconic name on a craft beer. Both companies are rooted in their respective histories and constantly push to change and reinvent with the times.

“This one’s for the rebels. Those with wandering souls who aren’t afraid to be their truest selves while pushing boundaries in search of authentic art and discovery,” said Elysian Brewing Co-Founder Joe Bisacca. “The Elysian brand was built on music and that gritty, unapologetic form of expression which is in our blood. It fuels us to keep experimenting and spread love back to those that inspired us. And what better way to do that than with our friends over at Rolling Stone?”

The Seattle-based brewery built its brand on music and wanted a beer that expressed the sensation that sparked fire in its soul. They decided that if they wanted to do it right, they should create a brand-new beer with the pioneers from Rolling Stone. And so, Elysian Rolling Stone Lager was born.

“The fact that Elysian has supported and been inspired by music and musicians since their beginnings makes this partnership a natural fit for Rolling Stone,” said Gus Wenner, President and COO, Rolling Stone. “We’re excited and proud to share our first venture into craft beer with our readers — we put a lot of passion into this project and we know they’re going to love it.”

It’s not just the music that forms the symbiosis. Elysian’s approach to making beer is based on fearless experimentation, collaboration and boundary-pushing, a brewing approach aligned with Rolling Stone’s editorial bent. The brewery is fiercely proud of its culture of broad acceptance, and has long sponsored, supported, and actively participated in community events and celebrations that bring people together.