Elysian Enters the Haze Craze, Launches Contact Haze IPA

Elysian Brewing Contact HazeYou’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of taste, but also of sight and sound. Witness if you will, a drink that tastes of raspberry, currant, guava and passion fruit. Your taste buds will be put to a test, a trial of experience. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, Elysian Brewing’s Contact Haze.

Elysian Brewing, a premier nationwide brewer, lifts the hazy beer category with the launch of Contact Haze, with unexpected sensory dimensions. Inspired by the eclectic worlds of 1950s science fiction which upended social and narrative norms, Elysian is set to push the boundaries of hazy, flavor-forward IPAs.

“New generations of beer drinkers seek complex and unique flavor experiences, which has fueled the extraordinary rise of hazy IPAs,” said Elysian General Manager Kyle Fitzsimmons. “We concentrated all our brewing experience on making Contact Haze delicious and approachable. This is a social and shareable beer, perfect for any occasion.”

Hazy IPAs, which are unfiltered and unpasteurized, were invented in New England more than a decade ago. At first, it was belittled by beer enthusiasts as a fad and “the orange juice of beers.” But it caught on with consumers, who craved beers that were pleasant to drink, featured new and exciting taste combinations, and were less bitter.

Contact Haze is a new pinnacle in the category of hazy beers. Double dry hopped in fermentation, the beer is brewed to keep the haze in suspension during its entire shelf life. Elysian brewers, constantly experimenting with new varieties of hops, used a combination of Southern Passion, Sabro, El Dorado, Mosaic, Citra, and Sultana hops for a truly unique flavor. At 6% ABV, this hazy IPA has a lighter composition, is more approachable, and has a less bitter flavor profile than other IPAs. It’s the perfect beer to bring craft beer enthusiasts and casual beer fans together to make contact.

Contact Haze is available on shelves this month. Packaging options include six pack 12oz and 16-ounce cans, and Elysian’s first ever can variety pack, a 12-pack mix including Space Dust IPA and Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale will be available spring 2020. It can also be enjoyed on tap at all Elysian Breweries.