Aurora Superior Launches a Line of Non-alcoholic Sparkling Beverages

Plant-forward beverage company Aurora Superior Sparkling Beverages announced the launch of its newest elevated offering: Aurora Hops, a line of non-alcoholic sparkling beverages infused with Pacific Northwest-grown hops.

Aurora Hops

Aurora Hops will be released in two bright and inspired flavors, Pomelo Sage and Yuzu Orange Blossom. The beverages boast naturally-occurring calming and restorative benefits, without the hemp extract, or CBD, found in Aurora’s sparkling hemp beverages. Hops and hemp both belong to the Cannabaceae family and share both flavors and aromas, making it a natural extension for the brand.

“After blending and tasting over a dozen combinations of plant extracts associated with
relaxation, restoration, calm and cleansing, it became obvious that hops would be the ideal
complement to our current lineup of drinks,” says Victoria Pustynsky, founder and CEO of
Aurora Superior Sparkling Beverages. “Our hop-infused line is beautifully complex and really showcases the versatility of hops beyond bittering beers.”

Aurora’s line of sparkling hops drinks will be introduced in two refreshing flavors, Pomelo Sage and Yuzu Orange Blossom. Pomelo Sage features the bright and bitter aromas of Citra hops, balanced with citrus from the pomelo and the piney herbal sweetness of sage. Aurora’s Yuzu. Orange Blossom highlights a blend of Mosaic and Citra hops and is tart with fragrant citrus, has delicate floral notes and is balanced with the woodiness of peppercorn for an overall light, aromatic and earthy taste.

Chosen for its nuanced taste profile, hops are also considered to be a naturally-occurring
nervine or an herb that supports the nervous system. The result is a soothing effect that has been known to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm. Aurora Hops redefines the
traditional cocktail occasion by providing all the benefits of hops without any of the negative impacts of alcohol commonly associated with them — restoration without intoxication.

Both drinks are non-alcoholic, naturally gluten-free, low in sugar and calories and contain no artificial ingredients. Aurora Hops is best enjoyed chilled or poured over ice. It will be sold in 4-packs of each flavor and a multi-pack, featuring two of each bottle.

Product specs include:
● Price: $12 per 4-pack
● 11.2 oz/ 330 ml bottles
● Calories: 42
● Sugar: 10 grams

Aurora Hops joins Aurora’s line of sparkling hemp beverages, now in five aromatic and
botanically-inspired flavors, infused with +25mg broad-spectrum hemp extract, or CBD. Look for additional flavors of Aurora Hops in the coming months.