Why You Should be Cross-Training Your Staff

cross-training staffIn the age of COVID-19, not only are bar and restaurant owners struggling to turn a profit due to reduced seating in their establishments, but they are also having issues finding/hiring reliable staff.

While staffing trouble is not an issue unique to the pandemic, it has certainly been exacerbated by it.

So, how do bars and restaurants manage the different working conditions caused by COVID-19, especially if they have decreased staff? In order to keep the costs of staffing overhead down, Sculpture Hospitality recommends implementing cross-training for staff members.

Cross-training staff is the concept of training staff in multiple areas of your restaurant or bar. By implementing cross-training for your staff, you are creating added efficiencies for your organization that will help not only you but your employees as well.

Cross-training staff also allows you to utilize one or more staff members in multiple areas during a shift, which will definitely come in handy.

Cross-training staff can also give your team a chance to understand everyone’s part and that all areas, regardless of if they are in the front of the house, back of the house, or kitchen, all have their pros and cons. This understanding allows team members to appreciate each other and the roles each one holds.

To learn more about the pros and cons of cross-training staff, how it can help your bottom line, and tips for effective cross-training, visit Sculpture Hospitality’s blog post.

Photo by 7shifts on Unsplash