Shift4 Payments and Uber Eats Announce Partnership

Shift4 Payments, the leader in integrated payment processing solutions, and Uber Eats UberEats Shift4's Marketplaceannounced that the on-demand food delivery platform will be available through Shift4’s Marketplace , providing a seamless integration for Shift4’s restaurant clients. This partnership will enable a streamlined onboarding process and a fully integrated ordering experience for restaurants and consumers.

Food orders placed through Uber Eats will sync directly with the point-of-sale software utilized by Shift4’s customers. By integrating online ordering and delivery services into the POS system, restaurants are able to eliminate separate iPads or tablets that were previously needed to manage these services. That functionality can now be incorporated directly into the POS system, with all orders managed from one central location. This ultimately saves the restaurant money, frees up counter space and streamlines overall operations. In addition to increased operational efficiency and cost savings, this integration also greatly improves the merchant’s reporting data since all orders are being handled by a single system.

Shift4 Payments CEO Jared Isaacman states, “This partnership with Uber Eats seamlessly connects our restaurant clients with millions of potential customers in a uniquely integrated way. Shift4 strives to deliver a complete business ecosystem to our customers that extends well beyond payment processing. By partnering with companies like Uber Eats, we are able to complement our own solutions in order to provide additional benefit for our customers.”

“Uber Eats is excited to partner with Shift4,” says Liz Meyerdirk, Senior Director of Business Development for Uber Eats. “This integration will help streamline kitchen operations for busy restaurant owners everywhere, meaning less time spent managing Uber Eats delivery orders—and more time taking care of valued customers.”

Shift4’s Marketplace connects the company’s clients with numerous third-party applications, including solutions for online ordering, online reservations, employee scheduling, accounting, loyalty, marketing, and more. Marketplace is part of the company’s Lighthouse Business Management System, an online control panel which provides Shift4 customers with extensive reporting capabilities, remote POS system management, a customer engagement platform, and tools to manage the business’s social media presence and online reputation.