Russell’s Reserve Reintroduces Limited Run Of Critically Acclaimed 13-Year-Old Bourbon

Straight out of the Commonwealth of Kentucky comes the highly-anticipated second release of Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old Bourbon, the oldest expression of the core range ever released by the fan-favorite Russell’s Reserve. Described as a “once in a lifetime bourbon” by world-renowned spirits critic and bourbon authority Fred Minnick, this extremely rare, high-age whiskey quickly sold out upon its initial release last year. Bourbon lovers can rejoice that this celebrated whiskey will return with a limited second release this July and will continue to be released in small quantities as part of an annual release series moving forward.

Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old Bourbon
Honoring the family ties that bind, Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old is a fitting offering to celebrate Master Distiller Eddie Russell who celebrated his 41st anniversary at the distillery this summer. Paying tribute to the distillery’s heritage and the legacy pioneered by celebrated Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, the exemplary 13-Year-Old Bourbon showcases his son Eddie’s innovative talents and expert ability to develop complex flavors through careful aging and a keen sense for identifying only the highest quality barrels.

Eddie Russell first introduced the 114.8-proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon in June 2021, serving as a shining example of the Russell family’s mastery of bourbon-making. By maintaining the barrel proof
and opting not to chill filter the 13-year-old whiskey, Eddie retains all the natural character of the bourbon, resulting in a more robust mouthfeel, just as he intended it.

“Given the tremendous response to our last release, we are excited to release another small quantity of our Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old Bourbon,” said Eddie Russell, Master Distiller at the Wild Turkey distillery. “This bourbon is one that’s near and dear to my heart, and I’m proud to be able to share a glass with my dad and son, Bruce, as we celebrate our family’s legacy and this special distillery that we all call home.”

Savoring Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old is a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. Described by Minnick as showing both “power and elegance in a single glass,” the barrel-proof bourbon coats the palate with sweet and warming flavors rising from the harmonious marriage of dried dark fruit and charred confectionary notes. Those sweet and woody notes give way to rich flavors of honey, chocolate and nougat throughout, followed by a strong and lasting finish. As Minnick said, it’s the whiskey he’d “love to sip every day for the rest of my life.”

The re-introduction of Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old is the latest in the Russell’s Reserve lineup, which boasts an award-winning portfolio of bourbon and rye whiskeys to suit the palate of any drinker, regardless of where they are on their journey of bourbon enjoyment.

Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old will be available nationally at $100 SRP per 750 ML bottle for a limited time at select retailers in the U.S. Whether you’re enjoying Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old with your family or with friends, please remember to do so responsibly.