Narragansett Beer and Samuel Adams Team Up For Good Luck Malt Liquor

Iconic New England brewer Narragansett Beer is proud to announce its partnership with Samuel Adams for the limited release Good Luck Malt Liquor, a modern malt liquor interpretation crafted in celebration of the legacy of Rudolf Haffenreffer, brewing pioneer and owner of the former Haffenreffer Brewery. Spearheaded by Lee Lord, Head Brewer at Narragansett Beer, and Eryn Bottens, Head Brewer at Samuel Adams, Good Luck Malt Liquor honors the brewing companies’ strong shared ties to Boston. Together, Narragansett Beer and Samuel Adams highlight their incredible heritage and history with a contemporary version of the robust beer style the Haffenreffer Brewery was once known for.

Founded by Rudolf Haffenreffer in 1871, the Haffenreffer Brewery was a bustling hot spot by the turn of the 20th century, with local legend that Boston baseball players frequented the brewery for a good luck beer before games. Although Haffenreffer closed its doors in 1964, its famous smokestack remained and eventually became part of the original Samuel Adams Boston Brewery founded by Jim Koch in 1988. Further cementing the connection between the brewing companies, Rudolf Haffenreffer’s son Rudolf II also went on to become owner of Narragansett Beer in 1932. Under his leadership, ‘Gansett became the best-selling beer in New England for decades to come.

“We’re so honored to collaborate with our talented friends at Sam Adams,” said Lee Lord, Head Brewer at Narragansett Beer. “It was so much fun putting our heads together for this brew and utilizing local ingredients from Valley Malt in Hadley, Massachusetts. This is the perfect way to honor our shared history of beer and brewing in New England.”

good luck malt
Narragansett Beer Head Brewer Lee Lord shows off the new Good Luck Malt Liquor.

In celebration of the collaboration, Narragansett Beer will be hosting a free release party this Friday, July 8th from 4–8 PM with bites from the Basil and Bunny food truck. The Samuel Adams Boston Brewery will also be hosting a release party this Friday, July 8th. The free event kicks off at 5 PM with live music provided by Dan DeCristofaro, bites from the Hummus Shop food truck, and lawn games while trying out Good Luck Malt Liquor.

“It was great working with the team at Narragansett to create this special local brew,” said Eryn Bottens, Head Brewer at Samuel Adams. “There’s a deep history and pride working in the iconic Haffenreffer Brewery, and this modern interpretation of malt liquor is the perfect way to celebrate that legacy.”

Good Luck Malt Liquor is a slightly sweet brew that offers a malty backbone with just a touch of noble hops. The Amber maize from Valley Malt give this fresh take a beautiful, toasted cereal character that features the same imported taste of the original Haffenreffer-brewed malt liquor to provide the malty flavor ‘Gansett fans have come to expect.

Good Luck Malt Liquor is available at the Narragansett Brewery in Providence, Rhode Island and the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts as well as in 4-packs of half quart cans at liquor stores throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.