XXI Martinis Introduces A Premium, Ready-To-Shake Espresso Martini

Twenty-One (XXI) Martinis, a premium vodka martini brand, introduced a new “ready to shake” espresso martini. The pre-made, craft-tasting martini in its sleek, matte black bottle is now available in select cities including Las Vegas, Nevada, Cleveland, Ohio, and Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky.

XXI Martini
What started as a late night cocktail in Las Vegas turned into an innovative product and new business idea. Created by two friends and martini enthusiasts, XXI Martinis was born when Shannon Keeran walked into a Las Vegas lounge and sat down at the bar. He couldn’t have predicted that Angelo Bottley, the legendary head bartender, would become his favorite mixologist, his friend, and his business partner, but the espresso martini was so exceptional, it needed to be bottled.

“We’ve worked to perfect the craft espresso martini taste in a ready to drink format that cuts down on time, but not flavor,” says Shannon Keeran, co-founder of XXI Martinis. “Now it’s easier than ever to shake up a craft cocktail at home and spend less time behind the bar.”

A craft martini in a bottle that’s as easy as shake, pour, sip, XXI Martinis comes in three classic flavors – Espresso, Chocolate, and limited edition Chocolate Peppermint. Each XXI Martinidecadent and creamy martini is made to be enjoyed on its own at 15% ABV (30 proof), but can also be added to coffee, blended with ice, served on the rocks, or over ice cream as an affogato.

Born in Las Vegas, the name derives from the winning hand in blackjack. Soon to be distributed nationally with new flavors on the horizon, XXI Martinis is shaking up the ready to drink (RTD) market.

Twenty-One (XXI) Martinis Collection is desire fulfilled, thirst quenched, blackjack won, party in full gear. Founded by Shannon Keeran and Angelo Bottley, XXI Martinis offers a new take to shake up the ready-to-drink market. Recipes handcrafted by a legendary Las Vegas bartender, the ready-to-shake martinis are available in three delectable flavors: Espresso, Chocolate, and limited edition Chocolate Peppermint. Made with premium vodka, each flavor is refreshingly cold, subtly sweet, and unapologetically bold.