New Online Bar Design Tool

MyCafé Edu, Inc., a recognized leader in training and educational programs for Foodservice Equipment & Supply Dealers, announces the launch of the first of many new innovative online design tools for the foodservice industry: the Build-a-Bar App.Build a Bar App bar design app

Now prospective and existing bar owners have a new option for creating custom designs for their bar or tavern with the release of this new software. With the Build-a-Bar’s easy-to-use CAD (computer-aided design) system, bar owners can create a bar design concept, select bar products, and get pricing from local Foodservice Equipment & Supply Dealers in three easy steps.

With the Build-a-Bar app’s share feature, bar owners can share a link to their design with others such as business partners, consultants, or foodservice equipment dealers to allow collaboration in the design process.

Included in the Build-a-Bar app is an extensive library of products to choose from. Users can choose from under bar equipment, bar refrigeration, as well as barstools and chairs, just to name a few. Once users complete their design, they can send it to local foodservice dealers to receive quotes to get the best pricing.

build a bar design app

Dallas Acuff, CEO of MyCafé Edu, Inc., is excited about the launch and says this has been a long time in the making. The back-end development began in 2016 and hit a few snags along the way, one being COVID-19, which delayed the launch for an entire year. “But now everything is back on track, and you can expect this to be the first of many apps to help bring the outdated processes of the foodservice industry into the modern world,” says Mr. Acuff. “We are already working on the framework for a number of other foodservice applications which will be available on our website in the near future.”

The beauty of these new digital tools is not only their ability to provide an online meeting point for subscribers, but an inexpensive way for prospective bar owners to create a design from their home or office—thus, saving time and money compared to the traditional bar design process of the past.

A subscription can be purchased at for either six months for $99 or twelve months for $149.

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Bottom photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels