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LaMuse Restaurant Avant Gallery

Bar Tour: La Muse Restaurant Blends Art with Food and Drink

It’s often said that crafting cocktails and decadent dishes is its own art form, and LaMuse Restaurant takes this to the next level. The contemporary...
VASO interior

Bar Tour: VASO

VASO comes from the Spanish word for “cup,” and you could say that the bar’s cup has been running over since it opened in...
craft cocktail menu

Crafting a Cocktail Menu

The cocktail menu you place in front of guests should have something for everyone—a cocktail for those who love the classics, something for the...
Raised by Wolves

Bar Tour: Raised by Wolves

Open Raised by Wolves’ menu and you’ll be treated to an interesting lesson on Roman mythology about Romulus and Remus—two boys raised by wolves...