Washington Winery Launches New Premium Grape-based VIDO Vodka

VIDO VodkaThe Monson Family, who owns and operates Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard and Winery in Washington state, announced the launch of VIDO Premium Vodka. The small batch handcrafted vodka is distilled from Goose Ridge Estate wines grapes.

A successful farmer and businessman, Arvid Monson was affectionately known by friends and family as “Vido.” While his visionary talents included planting an estate vineyard on the arid hills and valleys of Washington’s Columbia Valley, he also dreamed of producing a premium vodka from his estate grapes. VIDO Vodka is the Monson Family tribute to fulfilling his dream.

“My father was known for putting a hand on your shoulder and encouraging you to follow your passion. Our goal with VIDO Vodka is to showcase his continual support and bring to life one of his dreams.” explained Bill Monson, Goose Ridge Vineyard and Winery President.

The Goose Ridge Estate wine grapes for VIDO Vodka are fermented before pumped into the still and distilled 24 times. Following distillation, the vodka rests for five days before it is blended with pure water and set on carbon filters for 2 weeks. After those two weeks, the VIDO vodka goes through a final filtration before bottling. The result is a premium vodka with a silky smooth finish.

VIDO has a suggested retail price of $34 and will launch initially in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and Alaska before expanding nationally.