Prairie Organic Spirits Launches Organic Navy Strength Gin

Prairie Organic Navy Strength GinAs gin continues to show record growth across the globe, rising faster than any other alcohol in the category(1), Prairie Organic is excited to announce the newest addition to its USDA Certified Organic Spirits line: Navy Strength Gin.

Prairie Organic Spirits, the nation’s leading organic spirits brand, announces Organic Navy Strength Gin as the brand’s first small batch collection release and the first U.S. organic navy strength gin. With a 57% alcohol by volume (ABV), the 114-proof bold gin has citrus notes of lemon zest, floral notes of angelica root and proprietary spices with a peppery finish. Similar to all Prairie Organic expressions, the gin is gluten free, distilled to taste and made from non-GMO, USDA certified organic corn.

Prairie Organic Spirits’ current gin offering has proven popular among consumers, seeing a 41% increase in sales in 2017 and a 15% increase in sales in 2018(2). There is also rising demand among consumers for high-proof gins, demonstrated by 14% growth in sales in 20182. The popularity of navy strength gin is credited to its ability to prevent dilution from other ingredients over time and retain the true flavor of the gin when mixed into cocktails. Historically, the gin was created at a 57% ABV so gunpowder could still be fired even when accidentally soaked by the spilled spirit, as they were often stored in the same location.

“We’re excited to add this new gin to our line of farm-crafted, sustainable, always organic spirits,” says Mike Duggan, Prairie Organic Spirits CEO. “We wanted to create a new expression for gin lovers who appreciate the full taste of the spirit, are looking for flavor enhancement in their cocktails and enjoy doing good by drinking organic. Given the success we’ve seen with our current gin and across the category, we expect our new Organic Navy Strength Gin to be a favorite with gin drinkers and organic consumers alike.”

Prairie Organic Navy Strength Gin will be available in 750-mL bottles with an SRP of $34.99. It can be found in select retailers, bars and restaurants nationwide starting in October, with support at retail and on social media.

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2 Nielsen: 52 weeks, 10/12/17-10/11/18.