Plymouth Gin Announces New Book: The Gin Companion

Plymouth Gin The Gin Companion bookPlymouth Gin, the 227-year-old beloved mainstay of the cocktail world, announced the launch of The Gin Companion book, written by spirits author Aaron Goldfarb and Plymouth Gin’s Global Brand Ambassador Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge.

A fun, easy read for gin and cocktail lovers alike, the book explores the stories and drinks from Plymouth Gin’s rich history in the spirits world; from the birth of the Dry Martini to becoming the brand of choice for the British Royal Navy.

“There is perhaps no other spirit that is truly a category unto itself—it was fascinating to delve into the history of Plymouth Gin and then explore how it [is] still being employed in cocktails today,” shares Aaron Goldfarb.

Available for pre-order and purchase on March 5th for $25. Readers can find more recipes and resources at, Plymouth Gin’s ultimate online resource for all things gin.

Chapters and sample recipes include:

Chapter Highlights:

The Death and Rebirth of Gin, Styles of the Classic Martini, Modern Cocktails
Cocktail Highlights – 50 recipes from classics to simple ‘make-at-home’ recipes and modern creations by some of the best bartenders across the US, including: Martinez, The Marguerite, NGB