Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits Launches in the US

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic SpiritsThe sober curious movement is gaining traction across the globe as drinkers are seeking alcohol-free alternatives to classic spirits. Enter the “impossibly crafted” Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits, a range of 12 alcohol-free spirits that capture the essence and beauty of time-tested drinks. Launching this month in the United States, the collection includes American Malt, Dry London Spirit, Coffee Originale, Amaretti, Italian Orange, Absinthe, Orange Sec, Aperitif Rosso, Aperitif Dry, and a Dark, White, and Spiced Cane Spirit. Lyre’s will first be available at BevMo! stores in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, and for nationwide shipping on Lyre’s will also be available on-premise.

Named after the lyrebird, an Australian breed known for its ability to mimic any sound, the Lyre’s range offers impersonations of gin, bourbon, rum, vermouth, and more. Drawing from over 12,500 extracts, all-natural essences, and distillates, each product serves as a building block to recreate classic cocktails in an alcohol-free manner. Mixed and tested by bartenders, Lyre’s is produced using cutting-edge flavor architecture to recreate the familiar taste, aroma, and weight identities of classic spirits. A proprietary mix of high-quality local and imported fruits, spices, and botanicals make up each flavor with no artificial sweeteners.

“Lyre’s is a brand for social animals and mindful drinkers who do not want to sacrifice their commitment to personal lifestyle choices,” says Lyre’s Co-Founder and CEO Mark Livings. “Using only Lyre’s, you can enjoy classic cocktails like a Negroni or Sazerac, more elevated drinks like an Espresso Martini or Daiquiri, or simple mixed drinks like a Gin & Tonic or Cuba Libre with the addition of necessary soft beverages. Our expansive product line prevents bartenders from having to improvise when recreating non-alcoholic versions of cocktails, whether classic or their own creations. Through transformative, alcohol-free cocktails that maintain familiar tastes, Lyre’s gives you the solution and freedom to enjoy your drink, your way.”

The world of Lyre’s takes on a touch of whimsy through a menagerie of anthropomorphic mascots created to personify each product. The art-deco inspired bottles feature an animal native to each spirit’s country of origin, hand drawn by London-based stencil artist Joe White. A brown bear adorns the brand’s take on bourbon, Lyre’s American Malt, while the Dry London Spirit features a Trafalgar Square pigeon.

Each variant in the Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits range retails for $36 per 700ml bottle and is available in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and now the United States.Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits

The range currently includes the following:

Lyre’s Absinthe (Frog/France; 8 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Licorice, anise, lemon, candy, and fresh cut herbs including nettle, fennel, and wormwood
Palate: Verbena, anise, fine herbs, and a touch of sweetness for balance and length

Lyre’s Amaretti (Fox/Italy; 21 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Toasted almond, vanilla, marzipan, and caramel, with maraschino accents
Palate: Almond with tangy spice, keeping the nutty and candied vanilla flavors to a medium sweetness, with a slight natural bittiness from the almonds on a long and generous finish

Lyre’s American Malt (Brown Bear/North America; 7 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Honey, vanilla, sweet spice, caramel, and charred oak
Palate: Vanilla, toasted nuts, and herbal notes with a mellow, dry finish

Lyre’s Aperitif Dry (Ibex/Europe; 4 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Lifted citrus, lemon, lime, fresh cut herbs including chervil, mint, and anise, with fresh white florals and floral earthy notes
Palate: Dry and aromatic flavors of citrus, anise, and fine herbs with a touch of saline

Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso (Flamingo/Europe; 18 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Citrus, almond, and exotic vanilla with dried fruit, enhanced by savory, saffron-like elements
Palate: Blood orange and vanilla, balanced by caramel, citrus pith, and cacao

Lyre’s Coffee Originale (Leopard/Africa; 22 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Espresso, fresh coffee, burnt caramel, and vanilla, made complex by subtle scents of dark chocolate, fig, and blueberries
Palate: Espresso, spice, caramel, and toasted nuts, enhanced by a generous, rich vanilla finish

Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit (Parrot/Caribbean; 6 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Molasses, maple, orange, vanilla, nutmeg, and salted caramel
Palate: Caramel, fudge, fig, toasted nuts, and a long finish of maple and vanilla

Lyre’s Dry London Spirit (Pigeon/United Kingdom; 3 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Orange blossom, lime, jasmine, juniper, pepperberry, and mint
Palate: Firm flavors of juniper and citrus are met with earthy notes and pepperberry, with a dry finish

Lyre’s Italian Orange (Wolf/Italy; 24 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Mixed citrus including blood orange, orange, ruby grapefruit, with maraschino, pomegranate, and cassia with notes of orange pith
Palate: Rich blood orange and red citrus take the lead, followed by maraschino and a pithy dryness

Lyre’s Orange Sec (Cat/France; 19 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Sweet and bitter orange, zest and orange confectionary, with subtle hints of jaffa and mint
Palate: Fresh orange with a generous finish

Lyre’s Spiced Cane Spirit (Octopus/Caribbean; 5 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Vanilla, caramel, toffee, and caramelized fig
Palate: Caramel, molasses, and toasted notes enhanced by a generous finish featuring classic spiced vanilla

Lyre’s White Cane Spirit (Monkey/Caribbean; 5 Calories per 1 oz. Serving)

Nose: Oak, sugar cane, toasted nuts, lemon, and orange citrus
Palate: Oak and sugar cane, with marzipan, orange, and coconut shining through with a peppery finish

For more information, visit and follow the brand on Instagram at @LyresSpritCo.