This Holiday Heineken Says You’re One in a Billion Now Win a Million

Heineken USA holidaysFor the upcoming holiday season Heineken®, the leading high-end beer import, has created ‘unlimited’ different bottles each with a unique number and design. Using innovative technology that incorporates a smart algorithm and high-speed digital printing, each bottle will have millions of different, festive patterns, ensuring no two bottles are alike. To complement the packaging, Heineken will offer beer drinkers the chance to win $1 million in an integrated off- and on-premise promotion launching October 15, 2020.

“We’re using a digital printer programmed with a smart algorithm to create millions of different patterns incorporating the iconic Heineken color palette,” says Roxanne Mercado, Heineken Brand Manager, HEINEKEN USA. “Just in time for the holidays, whether for personal consumption or gifting, this unique concept balances cutting-edge technology with global product consistency to create a truly personalized product offering. To drive velocity at retail we’re rolling out a promotion entitled, ‘You’re one in a billion, now win a million’,” continues Mercado. “Shoppers will have the chance to win a $1 million grand prize as well as secondary prizes, including Heineken Holiday merchandise.”

Festive POS, including a four-sided tree display, case stacker and pole topper will drive consumers to enter the sweepstakes by redeeming the unique number on their bottle label by text or QR code. PR, digital media, and social media posts by influencers will drive store and bar traffic for incremental Heineken sales throughout the key holiday selling period. On-premise POS includes table tents and coasters that highlight the promotion and encourage patrons to enter the sweepstakes.

Heineken believes that each person is one in a billion and, as such, deserves something unique and personal. That specialness through package design and a compelling promotion combine this holiday season to augment the consumer experience and give retailers an opportunity to increase sales and profits