Campari Unveils Newly Styled Negroni Ready to Serve

Enjoying the delectable taste of one of the most famous Italian cocktails has never been easier! Thanks to the launch of the newly styled Campari® Negroni Ready to Serve, Negroni lovers and cocktail aficionados can enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail at home or on-the-go.

campari negroni rtd

Recently ranked as the No. 1 best-selling international classic cocktail in Drinks International’s 2022 report, the perfectly balanced Negroni has become a staple among mixologists and on cocktail menus across the globe. Now, as desire for cocktails that are ready to serve anytime, anywhere continues to increase in popularity, anyone age 21 and older can enjoy a Campari Negroni in just a few easy steps.

The newly styled Campari Negroni Ready to Serve features a new, elegant design and is an expertly crafted Negroni cocktail made using the same iconic cocktail recipe from over 100 years ago. A perfect blend of equal parts Campari, London Dry Gin and Sweet Vermouth – simply pour over ice and garnish with an orange slice and you have the iconic Negroni at your fingertips. Available in a 375 ml bottle, the newly designed offering includes approximately four servings of the Negroni, making it perfect for a date night or small gathering. Whether you’re on-the-go or hosting a cocktail party, dinner or aperitivo hour at home, the Campari Negroni Ready to Serve can be conveniently enjoyed, recreating your favorite cocktail bar moment for any occasion.

The Negroni is one of the most famous Italian cocktails in the world. Envisioned by Count Negroni in 1919 – who asked his barman to add a touch of gin rather than soda to his Americano in honor of his last trip to London – the beloved cocktail was eventually named after the Count. The combination of London Dry Gin and Sweet Vermouth with Campari, the red heart of the Negroni, offers a crafted mix of juniper, sweet citrus, spice and herbal notes paired with a wormwood and bitter root finish.

A classic cocktail that has stood the test of time, the Negroni has remained front and center in cocktail history among great bartenders and cocktail aficionados alike. While the unique and distinctive recipe of the Negroni has remained unchanged since its creation, many passionately creative bartenders have taken inspiration from the world-class taste in the creation of various twists on a classic.

“People have been enjoying the Negroni cocktail for more than a century, and its popularity is still growing today,” said Andrea Sengara, Head of Marketing, Campari America. “With the Ready to Serve format now available, consumers can enjoy the world’s No. 1 classic cocktail anywhere, and with ease.”

The newly styled Campari Negroni Ready to Serve (26% ABV) is available to purchase now in select retail stores and on ReserveBar and Drizly for an SRP of $24.99. Whether enjoying your Campari Negroni at a cocktail party, intimate dinner, or enjoying aperitivo hour at home, please do so responsibly.