Truly Hard Seltzers Now Made with Real Fruit Juice

Truly Hard Seltzer, a leader and innovator in the hard seltzer category, announced the rollout of a sweeping product optimization of its entire portfolio, making its best flavors even better with the addition of real fruit juice. With more than 30 unique flavors, Truly has more flavors now made with real fruit juice than any other hard seltzer on the market.    truly hard seltzer real fruit juice

Optimized over a year-long research and development process to increase sessionability for a cleaner, more refreshing taste profile, Truly original mix packs including Citrus, Berry, and Tropical made with real fruit juice are rolling out now. The effort is on par with Truly’s successful reformulation in late 2019 which contributed to more than two years of share gains.  

To Introduce New Flavors and Real Fruit Juice, Truly Buzz-Worthy Campaign Taps Fruit’s Biggest Fans: Fruit Flies 

A new multi-channel campaign from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners includes “Our Best Flavors,” a splashy, catchy spot featuring flavors from each pack, a trending track, and of course, real fruit, to queue fun and refreshment in the 15-second spot to air on linear TV nationally starting August 22. Out-of-home, social, influencer, and digital extensions will be live through the fall.  

A complementary, 30-second online video disturbingly romanticizes the newest fans of Truly now made with real fruit juice: fruit flies. The twisted, tasty film and a behind-the-scenes video is available online at 

“Truly fans crave easy-drinking hard seltzers to match the flavorful lives they live,” says Matt Withington, Sr. Director of Marketing, Truly Hard Seltzer. “To capture the flavor optimization, we wanted to highlight Truly bursting with real fruit juice in a bold – and yes – buzzy way.”  

A love story between a fruit fly and Truly made with real fruit juice? It’s bold all right. In a behind-the-scenes video from the campaign shoot, Truly highlights the realness of the fruit fly’s attraction to the optimized flavors. With the addition of real fruit to every can, not even fruit flies can resist the refreshing taste of Truly. Don’t believe us? Just ask professional fruit fly wrangler, Tyler DeTrude. “Fruit flies live to consume and break down fruit,” says DeTrude. “That’s why you find them in your kitchen every once in a while. And so, with Truly using real fruit juice, it was fun to watch the fruit flies become fans of Truly.”  

“Truly told us their hard seltzer is now made with real fruit juice. So we said: let’s prove it!,” said Jeff Goodby, Co-Chairman and Partner of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. “We released dozens of real fruit flies around Truly and watched them with a microscopic lens. Think the flies had the best day of their very short lives. The result is a little gross but 100% authentic! Doesn’t get any more real than that.”  

Truly Optimization Brings New Look and New Flavors to Packs Rolling Out Nationally 

Truly original mix packs now made with real fruit juice from concentrate (Citrus, Berry, and Tropical) have a hint of flavor, an all-new look, and new flavors rolling out now including Watermelon Breeze and Strawberry Lime.  Truly’s bold, flavorful favorite packs like Lemonade, Margarita, Punch, and Tea have always included real fruit juice but have been improved to give drinkers the juicy, refreshing experience they’re looking for.  

“Constantly innovating, we’ve proven that hard seltzer drinkers react favorably to product improvements,” says Lesya Lysyj, Chief Marketing Officer, Boston Beer Company. “With this rollout of even better-tasting flavors, we’re reminding consumers why they came to hard seltzers in the first place – for a refreshing, easy drinking, variety-filled and fun experience that few other alcoholic beverages can provide.”