Radico Khaitan Awarded India Gin Distillery Of The Year

Indian spirits powerhouse, Radico Khaitan, has proven its prominence once again this month at the New York International Spirits Competition. Not only did all three entered products win medals, but the company was awarded the distinction of India Gin Distillery of the Year.

“While India’s domestic gin production is reasonably youthful, only really beginning to bourgeon within the last five years, there is a highly competitive group of companies making luxury products focusing on native botanicals.” remarks Sanjeev Banga, President of International Business at Radico Khaitan. “To be crowned as the best of the best in this group truly speaks to the pure quality of Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin. We are honored to receive such an accolade.”

The winning entrants included:

Rampur Asava Single Malt

  • Gold Medal, 95 Points

Rampur Asava is an outlier in the world of cask finished single malts. For this expression, Rampur has chosen a unique combination of used Bourbon barrels and Indian Cabernet Sauvignon barrels in which to age the spirit. The result is a nose heavy with golden apricot, plums and spice followed by a palate beginning with a honeyed sweetness flowing into a pleasant dryness imparted by the Indian Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • ABV: 45%
  • SRP: $89.99

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Ginjaisalmer gin

  • Gold Medal, 94 Points

Jaisalmer Gin is a luxury gin, crafted from a triple distilled neutral base spirit which is then redistilled in copper pots, combining tradition with technology. This creates the perfect pedestal upon which to showcase our eleven botanicals, seven of which are sourced from the four corners of India. Notes of vetiver, coriander, cubeb berries and lemongrass combine with Darjeeling green tea and citrus peel to create a flavor profile reminiscent of the rich history of the city of Jaisalmer and India itself.

  • ABV: 43%
  • SRP: $49.99

Rampur Double Cask

  • Bronze Medal, 90 Points

Rampur Double Cask is made from Indian barley, malted and distilled in traditional copper pot stills by the oldest distillery in India. This opulently tropical single malt is less forward with its oak influence than the name might lead one to suspect. The aging in used Bourbon and Sherry casks does impart the vanilla and toasted cacao typical of this treatment, but the fruit driven character remains at the fore, reminding one of an Indian Summer, bursting with life.

  • ABV: 45%
  • SRP: $79.99

Radico Khaitan Ltd.

  • India Gin Distillery Of The Year