New J.F. Haden’s Espresso Liqueur

Florida-based company Tropical Distillers, is thrilled to announce they are expanding their brand portfolio with the launch of J.F. Haden’s Espresso Liqueur, their third spirit to market.

J.F. Haden’s Espresso Liqueur

J.F. Haden’s Espresso Liqueur is made with 100% Arabica beans roasted exclusively by Per’La Specialty Roasters in Miami, FL and is the first product to be produced at the brand new Tropical Distillers distillery. Each small batch is crafted, distilled without preservatives, artificial colors or flavors unlike many coffee liqueur products already in the market. J.F. Haden’s Espresso Liqueur will be available at the new distillery and distributed throughout Florida and Georgia through RNDC, Tennessee through Athens Distributors and N.Y. through LNJ Brands and will be nationwide by October 2022.

It’s a known fact that Miami is famous for its Cuban style espresso, the Colada. “We wanted to bottle that taste up so that the most popular coffee drink of the Magic City can be enjoyed worldwide,” says Tropical Distillers CEO Buzzy Sklar. This is made possible by implementing their unique cold Cuban Espresso proofing process which brings out the ultimate coffee flavor so that there is an authentic Colada taste in every sip.

Coming off the success of their first two flavors, Sklar quickly realized that we are in the Golden Age of coffee cocktails. With Espresso Martinis being the newest drink trend, and at-home cocktail making at an all-time high, the demand for coffee liqueurs has increased tremendously. “We wanted to create a spirit that is rich in flavor that catered to a specific cocktail genre and capitalize on the growing affinity for coffee-flavored cocktails. What makes it unique is its versatility, it tastes delicious served on the rocks after dinner, in cocktails, coffee drinks and can even be used in dessert recipes,” says Sklar.

By implementing a small batching process, Tropical Distillers ensures the highest quality and guarantees peak flavors for all their craft liqueurs resulting in a fresher tasting cocktail. Each bottle features its own unique batch and bottle number. J.F. Haden’s Espresso Liqueur expands over a wide range of flavor profiles pairing well with everything from martinis to Irish Coffees and frozen drinks.