New, Cognac-Inspired, Artisanal California Brandy Debuts from Industry Vet

OMAGE, the cognac-inspired American brandy produced with a nod to the more experienced palate of today’s brandy consumers, continues its rapid retail growth following the brand’s recent market entry in October 2021.


The brainchild of Julious Grant, a 30-year wine and spirits industry veteran formerly
holding C-Suite roles for Beam Suntory, Bacardi, Moët Hennessy, Diageo and
Seagram, to name a few, OMAGE combines a meticulous blend of grape varietals from
California’s prestigious wine-making regions, with a similar “méthode cognaçaise,” using
grapes, distillation and barrel-aging to fill a void in the US market for a super-premium
brandy with the craftsmanship of a fine French cognac.

“OMAGE pays homage to cognac’s history and artistry, while showing what’s possible
with American grapes,” said Grant, Chairman/CEO of spirits producer and marketer The
Brand House Group. “Because of the freedoms brandy offers, we are building on the
cognac-making process using a unique blend of high-quality, varietally-expressive
grapes and oak variations to enhance flavor while reducing the sweetness typically
found in the value-brandy entries. OMAGE offers a more natural, authentic spirit
produced using similar cognac processes and featuring beautifully balanced flavor
profiles that will also resonate with consumers of high-end bourbon, whiskey and

Produced in classic California style by using grape varietals selected for their prime
ripeness, OMAGE integrates advanced distillation in both pot and column stills with
aging in charred and toasted American bourbon and French oak barrels, depending on
style. Whether enjoying OMAGE VS, VSOP or XO, the result is a refined, approachable,
super premium brandy that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or used as a modern twist
in classic cocktails.

OMAGE VS is aged two plus years and is dominated by juicy apple aromas giving way
to a nutty, vanilla finish; OMAGE VSOP is aged four plus years and has inviting, bright
aromas of fresh citrus and stone fruit complemented by a floral, toasty vanilla oak finish;
OMAGE XO is aged six plus years and has a distinct aged character marked by a dried
apricot aroma with hints of jasmine and honeysuckle balanced by tempered oak and a
smooth caramel finish. OMAGE VS, VSOP and XO retail for $25.99, $35.99 and $89.99

julious grant Omage
Omage Creator Julious Grant

“As a long-time cognac devotee, I noticed a gap in the US market for an elite American
brandy that reduces the sweetness that you get in lower-priced brandies while
balancing the oak flavor that you get from the cognac brands,” added Grant. “OMAGE
fills this void and we’re excited that distributors, retailers and consumers are as
enthused about OMAGE as we are.”

OMAGE is available at wines & spirits retailers in major markets nationwide, including
New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, DC,
Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Boston and Milwaukee, among others. Further growth
throughout other regions is expected over the coming months.