New Amsterdam Vodka Enters the Ready-to-Drink Arena with New Product Line – Wildcard

Spirit of Gallo’s New Amsterdam Vodka announced the release of Wildcard, a vodka-based line of hard beverages and the brand’s first-ever offering in the ready-to-drink category. Wildcard is the ideal beverage for fans who are up for anything, ready to embark on adventure and looking for a little excitement in their beverage with its refreshing, crisp taste, offering 8% ABV.

new amsterdam wildcard

Wildcard is made with real New Amsterdam Vodka and available in three delicious flavors
starting this month, right in time to be a fan-favorite all summer long:

● For those looking for a punch of tartness, Original Hard Lemonade has fresh citrusy
notes that will leave you ready for a day in the sun.
● Classic Hard Punch was made for those craving a bit of nostalgia, with a surprising
sweet and sour combo.
● Third in the lineup is Lemon Hard Tea, a vodka-infused spin on a classic glass of cold
iced tea with a hint of lemon zest.

“New Amsterdam Vodka is already a fan favorite, bringing a new generation to the vodka
category due to its smooth taste and convenience,” said Brandon Lieb, Vice President of Spirit of Gallo. “The launch of Wildcard is a way to reach more consumers plus long-time New Amsterdam fans that are eager to try something flavorful and convenient this summer.”

Wildcard comes as the RTD category continues to explode, with Hard Lemonade, Punch, & Tea growing +34%1 in 2021. Beyond that, the share of spirit-based cans of RTDs is growing at 15 times the rate as hard seltzers on Drizly2. With fuller flavor and higher ABV than the rest of the RTD category, Wildcard is entering the scene with a bang.

1. IRI Total MULO + Sum of Liquor + Convenience L52wks 12-26-21; National estimates assume IRI scans represent 50% coverage of Total US business
2. 2021 Drizly Consumer Report