Jameson® Irish Whiskey Releases New Jameson Orange

Jameson® Irish Whiskey is proud to announces its newest release, Jameson Orange. As the latest addition to the celebrated Irish whiskey portfolio, Jameson® Orange
combines the brand’s signature triple-distilled Irish Whiskey with natural Orange flavor, for a delicious taste experience.

Jameson Orange

With distinct notes of orange and hints of sweet, spicy, nutty vanilla, Jameson Orange delivers a subtly sweet and perfectly balanced taste.

Jameson Orange is a versatile, flavorful spirit that can be enjoyed on-the-rocks and in a range of mixed drinks. It pairs perfectly with many simple serves including lemon-lime soda (Sprite®) or cranberry juice. It is equally delicious in a variety of craft cocktails such as the Jameson Irish Cosmo, the Jameson Orange-Crush and the Jameson Orange Creamsicle.

Jameson® Orange is available beginning January 2022 at retailers nationwide and ReserveBar for a MSRP of $24.99 (750mL).

Try the new Jameson Orange in one of the recipes, below:

Jameson Irish Cosmo

Ingredients:Jameson Orange cosmo
1.5 parts Jameson Orange
.25 parts lime juice
.5 parts Triple Sec
.5 parts Cranberry juice

How to mix:
Mix all ingredients in cocktail shaker, strain into a coupe glass and garnish with an orange twist.



Bow St. Smash

Ingredients:Jameson Orange
1.5 parts Jameson Orange
4 lemon wedges
Mint leaves
.5 parts vanilla/simple syrup

How to mix:
Muddle lemon, mint, and syrup. Shake and strain and garnish with an orange twist and mint leaves.

Jameson Orange-Crush

Ingredients:Jameson Orange Crush
1.5 parts Jameson Orange
1 part Triple sec
3 parts Orange Juice
1 part Sprite

How to mix:
Build over ice, pour into a pint glass and garnish with an orange half moon