Death & Co Introduce New Line of Namesake Ready To Drink Cocktails

Death & Co recently officially debuted its line of ready-to-drink cocktails, created in collaboration with prominent craft spirits portfolio, The Craft Spirits Cooperative.

death & co canned cocktail

The Death & Co line of Ready to Drink cocktails pays homage to the indelible bar experience, featuring rotating and seasonal menu changes, collaborations with some of the most respected names in the cocktail landscape, and special issues. The canned cocktail line is a true extension of the Death & Co experience; fit for the right occasions and ready for wherever life takes you.

The initial cocktail release is a trio that celebrates American Craft producers, natural ingredients, and includes options such as the Moonsail Fizz, Aurora Highball, and Ranger Buck—all made using specific craft spirits and real ingredients. They can be enjoyed straight from the can or poured over ice.

Aurora Highball

This sessionable cocktail features notes of green tea, pear, and mint, and it is anchored by both vodka and sake, making it crisp and exceptionally refreshing. Ingredients include Woody Creek Distillers Vodka, Clear Creek Pear Brandy, Junmai Sake, green tea, and mint syrup.

Moonsail Fizz

Reminiscent of a warm-weather escape without the plane ticket, this canned cocktail features passion fruit and bright citrus, which are tempered by smooth vanilla and spice. Ingredients include Bimini Gin, Red Bitter Liqueur, passion fruit, vanilla syrup, and lime.

Ranger Buck

A delicious twist on a classic cocktail, the Ranger Buck canned cocktail features Colorado-made bourbon and ginger paired with birch and amaro. Ingredients include Woody Creek Distillers Straight Bourbon, Amaricano Amaro, ginger syrup, and birch.

The Death & Co ready-to-drink cocktails are available now nationwide at and 1% of all sales will go to support Direct Giving programs – those designed to get resources into the hands of the industry with as little friction as possible, like No Us Without You and Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation.