Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey Launches New Chocolate Toffee Flavor

Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey has launched a new flavor, Chocolate Toffee. ballotin chocolate toffee whiskey

Joining Ballotin’s delicious lineup of flavored whiskies, Ballotin Chocolate Toffee Whiskey delivers flavors of butter brickle, caramelized brown sugar, chocolate, toasted barrel and whiskey spice. A contemporary version of the timeless classic treat, this new product is sure to impress old and new whiskey lovers alike.

Bottled at 30% ABV, Ballotin Chocolate Toffee Whiskey is priced at $25 and makes for the perfect addition bars as we head into the fall season.

Inspired by a love of bourbon whiskey and a passion for chocolate, Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey was founded in 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky with a single focus: create elegant and delicious sipping whiskeys designed for flavor-craving friends. The result is an approachable whiskey that tastes like an expression of your favorite chocolate indulgences. Available in eight flavors, including Original Chocolate, Bourbon Ball, Caramel Turtle, Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Cherry, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream — all of Ballotin’s spirits combine the backbone, body, and base flavor of aged American whiskey with all-natural essences of classic and contemporary chocolate favorites.