A New Cookie Dough Flavored Whiskey is Hitting Shelves Nationally

Dough Ball, the deliciously bold cookie dough flavored whiskey that delivers on taste and a good time, announced its national expansion to multiple states across the country. Bringing a new and unique flavor profile to the whiskey category, Dough Ball’s U.S. expansion boasts an exciting year for the brand as it continues to grow as an approachable, premium option for consumers looking to unleash the dough-bauchery.

Dough Ball cookie dough flavored whiskey

According to BevAlc Insights, the flavored whiskey category has grown 33% over the past two years, indicating that this is a category that consumers are excited about exploring. With the rise in demand, Dough Ball is looking to elevate every occasion with a soft, smooth flavor that livens up the drinking experience while catering to a wide range of consumers. Who said whiskey must be one way? Dough Ball does not follow the rules – it dares to be different. The premium cookie dough whiskey sounds just like it tastes, crafted with notes of toasted caramel and just the right amount of sweetness to guarantee a great time for any occasion. Sipped on its own, taken as a shot, or added to a cocktail, Dough Ball brings all facets of people together to get the party started and keep it rolling.

“This is the beginning of an era for Dough Ball as the flavored whiskey category continues to expand and rise to new heights,” said Joey Parris, Chief Marketing Officer of MPL Brands. “We wanted to create a whiskey that is a stand-out amongst competitors while also
being something approachable and fun for every kind of consumer, highlighting the flavor of your favorite chocolate chip cookie in a deliciously satisfying whiskey, whether sipped, shot, or mixed in a cocktail. Dough Ball is made for everyone, and we can’t wait to see how consumers indulge on their own terms.”

Dough Ball is a family-owned beverage company inspired by a fun-loving, yet rebellious spirit. Just like the familiar tastes and smells of chocolate chip cookies, Dough Ball unleashes a sweet and tantalizing flavor that encourages whiskey-lovers to have fun, care
less, and always treat themselves.

Dough Ball is available nationwide at major retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, Bevmo, Total Wine, Hy-Vee, and Safeway, for a suggested retail price of $29.99.