Low-Alcohol Cocktail Recipes

The low- and no-alcohol market is rapidly growing, and chances are, your guests will be looking for a low-alc option on your menu. Consider adding one of the recipes below from CleanCo.

Premium British low ABV brand CleanCo offer a range of low-alcohol spirits, which don’t compromise on taste. At 1.2% ABV, CleanGin has an unmistakable, crisp, botanic flavor that’s as refreshing, enjoyable, and relaxing as the nearest alcoholic equivalent. With just 13 calories per serving, CleanGin is free from added sugars or sweeteners, making it a thoroughly guilt-free indulgence.


Clean Cobbler

Ingredients:clean cobbler recipe
50ml of CleanGin
15ml of elderflower cordial
3 lemon wedges
6 mint leaves
cucumber slice

Squeeze the lemon wedges into a wine glass, slap the mint leaves and add along with the cucumber. Mix in the elderflower cordial, CleanGin, ice and churn. Top with soda and churn once more. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and a lemon wedge.

Clean Club

Ingredients:Clean Club
50ml of CleanGin
15ml of lemon juice
15ml of honey syrup
2.5ml orange blossom water
4 raspberries

Method: Add all ingredients into shaker, wet shake (with ice), single strain, dry shake (without ice), and fine strain into a rocks glass over ice cubes. Garnish and serve.