5 Father’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Sports Bar

father's day bar eventWith Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do at your sports bar to draw in a crowd. Fathers have many different hobbies, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we ignored their common passion for sports and comradery. While families may have a nice brunch or even a fishing trip in the morning to celebrate dads, your sports bar can offer a nice environment for kicking back with a drink and watching a game. Whether fathers choose to indulge alone or with company, sports bars should use this holiday to their advantage.

Here are five ideas for marketing your sports bar as a great option for get-togethers on Father’s Day.

1. Create a Social Media Campaign

Staying active on social media is important year-round, but especially important for advertising an upcoming event, promotion, or holiday. Use different social media platforms to let your customers know what you’re planning for Father’s Day. Are you hosting an event or giving out half-priced meals to fathers? Blast that info! You shouldn’t just stick to one social media platform, either. It’s important to use multiple platforms and cast a wide net, catching all types of customers. Even further, you should post different types of content on each platform, such as stories, posts, and short-form video content. While the average viewer may check out your posts, some might only see your stories, and so on.

By running an entire campaign across different platforms with different methods, you can ensure that you’re reaching the most people, setting yourself up for the most successful holiday.

2. Showcase New Specials

Now that you’ve let the people know, it’s time to start setting up for the holiday. Creating a special Father’s Day menu can help make the holiday feel more, well, special. Not only that, but creating new menu items may intrigue your regular customers, and they may stop by simply to try something new. You can even choose to theme these items for Father’s Day specifically. Give things fun names that make them seem more exciting for the holiday, like “Dad’s Favorite Hot Wings” or “Like Father Like Sundae.” There are so many options out there, so now’s the time to get creative! Just remember to keep to the theme and don’t stray far from your brand identity.

3. Host an Event or Afterparty

Instead of having families come in for drinks and appetizers, turn Father’s Day into a party instead. Hosting an event is a great way to draw in more customers and help them create great memories. When they remember how great Father’s Day was, they’ll remember spending it with you. Some event options for Father’s Day include:

  • Trivia or game night
  • Karaoke
  • Viewing parties
  • Afterparties

Throughout the night, you should offer specials for both fathers and your general audience. If your event is free, people will be much more likely to spend money on drinks and food. On top of that, everyone will be eager to buy their dad a drink!

father's day bar event

4. Offer Discounts to Fathers

We’ve hinted at this one a few times now, but it’s the real money-maker. There’s nothing more appealing on a holiday than a steep discount or freebie. For those that can prove that they’re a father, or those that show up with their children, offer them a free draft or appetizer. You can even pair the freebie with something else, like BOGO drinks for dads and their adult children!

If you aren’t interested in giving out stuff for free, try 25% or 50% discounts for fathers on their meals. Not only will they feel appreciated on their special day, but they’ll be more likely to return in the future.

5. Don’t Forget About Signage

While social media is obviously important, you can’t forget about physical, print signs. Flyers, table tents, and sandwich boards are a great way to advertise your upcoming event to passersby and current customers. This type of signage will help to nudge current customers to come back in a few days to enjoy the specials or event that you’re hosting.

By using outdoor signage, you can intrigue potential customers who are just walking by. Flyers can be placed anywhere, so don’t feel the need to limit them to the space right outside your bar. With your print and digital marketing efforts combined, you’ll attract the most customers.

Help Families Create Memories that Last this Father’s Day

While bringing in large crowds and increasing your revenue for the night is important, you should use this day as a way to build bonds with your customers. Give them a night they’ll never forget, treat them with kindness, and show them that you care. When they wonder where they should go out in the following months (or even years), they’ll remember how great a time they had at your sports bar on Father’s Day.