USBG Foundation Pledges to Build a More Welcoming Hospitality Community

usbg national charity foundation communityIn lieu of a traditional weekly Instagram Live update on the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP), USBG National Charity Foundation (USBGNCF) Board Member and Director Kim Haasarud instead acknowledged the current unrest across the country as well as its effects on bars and restaurants.

“A lot has changed. A lot has changed just in the last week and since our last Foundation update. Our hopefulness for a brighter tomorrow as restaurants were starting to reopen and bartenders and staff were slowly returning back to work came to a sorrowful stop in the wake of George Floyd’s killing. In light of the curfews that were enacted after the looting and the vandalism that really compromised the many meaningful, peaceful protests happening across the nation, a lot of these restaurants and bars had to close again,” said Haasarud, acknowledging the owners, staff, and communities affected by these closures. “As you know, bars are a community gathering space, and right now our community is just angry and they’re grieving. We stand in total and full solidarity with the many peaceful protests that are happening across the country. And we affirm the USBG’s support in the systemic changes that are vital and necessary and really need to happen in order to build truly welcoming hospitality communities.”

In addition to Haasarud’s statement on Instagram, the United States Bartenders’ Guild, the USBG National Charity Foundation, and USBG Senior Staff put out a joint statement on June 2 to say they stand in solidarity with protest actions taking place across the nation.

In addition, the statement invited the hospitality community to share feedback at [email protected] in order to help the USBG community navigate the challenges of this moment and meet the ongoing critical needs of hospitality professionals nationwide.

The USBG Foundation is still accepting applications for its BEAP grants. Those interested in applying can click here.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash