HyVida Brands and KeyKeg Launch Hydrogen-Infused Nitro-Feel Beverage Technology

The HyVida Brands and OneCircle have launched HyJacked, the world’s first patented method for infusing hydrogen into almost any KeyKeg-packaged beverage. The popularity of hydrogen-infused beverages on tap is growing. The light hydrogen bubbles in kegged beers, ciders, wines and RTDs offer consumers a silky-smooth, champagne-like mouthfeel and effervescence—similar to nitro-style beverages. HyVida have developed an elegant, simple and affordable way to replicate the nitro experience in KeyKeg using hydrogen.

Studies show that hydrogen is a therapeutic antioxidant with essential health and wellness benefits. It is also a sustainable gas, powering much of today’s green-energy technology. KeyKeg is a designed-for-circularity, sustainable-packaging solution that keeps beverages as fresh as the day they were produced. Pubs, taprooms, bars and cafés whose customers favor cleaner, healthier, greener alternatives can now pour hydrogen-infused beverages, fresh from the tap.

The HyJacked method introduces proprietary magnesium granules to any water-based beverage packaged in KeyKeg, turning water molecules into hydrogen bubbles. KeyKeg’s unique fitting and laminated, airtight inner bag is crucial to a successful magnesium reaction because it keeps beverages separate from propellant gas, thereby maintaining a balanced infusion and keeping beverages as fresh as the day they were produced. Magnesium also tempers acidity, boosting the flavor profile for a smooth, palatable taste and enhanced aroma.

Rick Smith, CEO and Cofounder, HyVida: “With the KeyKeg collaboration, my vision for Hydrogen infused beverages has now spanned well beyond the health benefits of molecular hydrogen gas. We are making beverages taste and feel better by delivering a softer mouthfeel and refined smoothness, without all the cost and hassle of Nitro.”

keykeg hydrogen infused beverage hyvida
Rick Smith

Hydrogen-infused beverages can be produced with zero investment, using existing brewing and fermenting processes. Beverage brands initiate the hydrogen-infusion process in a KeyKeg by applying the low-cost Dosing Starter Kit during filling.