Speed Rack Season 10 Finals Head to New Orleans

The Speed Rack Season 10 Finals are heading to New Orleans on Sunday, July 24 from 3-7 pm at Republic NOLA in conjunction with Tales of the Cocktail.speed rack finals season 10

Speed Rack is an all-women+, high-speed bartending competition founded in 2011 by Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero, which raises money in the fight against breast cancer.

The Season 10 Finals invite the Top 18 finalists from the Charleston, SC regionals; Puerto Rico Cocktail Week Regionals; and Speed Rack Redemption Round to go head-to-head in a round-robin style competition, this live-action, fast-paced & super fun event is open to the public, and tickets are on sale now for $25/pp (plus taxes & fees). 100% of proceeds are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


  • Alli Torres, Freehold, Miami, FL
  • Baylee Hopings, Forza Storico, Atlanta, GA
  • Beth Serowsky, Lonesome Rose, Chicago, IL
  • Christina Chae, Moonflower, Chicago, IL
  • Clairessa Chaput, Rewild at Nurture, Denver, CO
  • Elyse Blechman, Absolut Vodka Ambassador, Albuquerque, NM
  • Fabiana Pinillos, FIG, Charleston, SC
  • Gia St. George, RPM Italian LV, Las Vegas, NV
  • Gigi Temprano, La Factoría, San Juan, Puerto Ricospeed rack finals season 10
  • Jess Pomerantz, Smoked, Columbia, SC
  • Julie “Mama Bird” Figueras, Sacramento, CA
  • Marina Holter, Blind Barber, Chicago, IL
  • Marina Spilda, The Mermaid, Los Angeles, CA
  • Marisa Mercado, Fanny’s, San Francisco, CA
  • Marisela Innis Estrada, Jupiter Disco, Brooklyn, NY
  • Sienna Hembrooke-Mann, La Matriarca Woodworkings, Seattle, WA
  • Sophia Oolie, Cabra LA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Tess Anne Sawyer, Bicyclette, Los Angeles, CA