Wheyward Spirit: A Whey-Based, Specialty Spirit

Wheyward Spirit, the sustainably-sourced whey spirit created by Founder and CEO, Emily Darchuk, announced the launch of their premier liquor brand. Wheyward Spirit is now available for delivery to 31 states via the organization’s website and regional liquor retailers. (750 ml/ SRP $54.99)Wheyward Spirit wh

The launch of Wheyward Spirit comes after a two-year entrepreneurial journey to create an entirely new spirit from an unlikely source, excess whey from the dairy industry. Coming from a passion to transform the spirit and dairy industries for the better, the founder and food scientist, saw a huge opportunity to tackle waste and also give consumers like her, who care about quality and where their food comes from, an authentic option in alcohol.

“When exposed to whey waste firsthand, I wanted to create a change and knew how to do it,” said Emily Darchuk, Founder and CEO of Wheyward Spirit. “Through my work developing the spirit, I was blown away by how remarkable it tasted and this inspired me to take a design thinking approach to the entire farm-to-flask process; choosing to highlight whey’s naturally delicate and creamy characteristics and creating a flavorful and smooth spirit that is unlike anything on the market.”

Wheyward spirit is a clear, distilled specialty spirit (80 proof) developed to be sipped straight or used in place of a standard base spirit in drinks, giving a bespoke twist to classic cocktails. The spirit’s signature flavor is naturally created during fermentation and distillation and has oaky hints of vanilla cream, and warm spice notes, rounded with a subtle pear aroma, followed by a velvety smooth finish, taking the best elements of vodka, gin, and rum to be versatile and sippable.

Beyond bringing innovation, Wheyward Spirit makes a positive impact through introducing a circular economy approach of production to the spirit industry. Every bottle produced diverts food waste, adds value to local food chains and generates a lower carbon and water footprint than traditional grain-based spirits.

Along the journey of development, Wheyward Spirit has attracted a passionate “herd” of supporters from individuals to leaders in the food, beverage and alcohol industries excited to see the launch of an innovative product and the positive impact Wheyward Spirit can make.