The Perfect Purée Brings Two New Flavors to the Table

The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley, a leading U.S. producer of premium frozen fruit purées, zests and blends, introduces two new flavors that expand the range of culinary and beverage creations. Red Jalapeño Puree is a bold and superbly savory combination of mature jalapeños puréed with rice vinegar. Peach Ginger blend combines the classic Peach Ginger Puree The Perfect Purée flavor of juicy yellow peaches with the distinctive warmth of real ginger and a splash of citrus for dynamic flavor in drinks, desserts and more.

With the addition of these two new flavors, The Perfect Purée expands its line to 39 products and broadens its appeal as the foundation of culinary and beverage innovation for chefs, bakers, brewers and bartenders at thousands of establishments nationwide.

Michele Lex, co-president, chief marketing officer and co-owner of The Perfect Purée, says Red Jalapeño Puree is the reimagining of The Perfect Purée’s earlier Roasted Red Pepper puree, a popular but mild red pepper expression. Red Jalapeño Puree speaks to the current American palate and its obsession with heat. “Our Red Jalapeño Puree reflects our penchant for elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary by perfecting this flavor with a touch of rice vinegar. It’s love at first taste with brazen tangy heat,” Lex says.

Peach Ginger blend is a response to consumers’ evolving palates and higher expectations for sophisticated flavors that combine the familiar with the adventurous. “Peach Ginger blend takes the classic yellow peach to new heights with the addition of bold ginger and citrus juices. Authentic and effortless, this blend is sure to satisfy customers with a taste that is both comforting and daring,” Lex says.

Juan SanJuan III, the chef/owner of Gloria’s Restaurant & Bar in Huntington Park, Calif., says his customers’ response to the new flavors is enthusiastic.

“We have three restaurants and we’ve developed recipes with the new Red Jalapeño Puree and Peach Ginger blend, and I know customers are going to absolutely love them in all three locations,” SanJuan says.

Red Jalapeño Puree ingredients: red jalapeños; rice vinegar (water, rice); salt; water; acetic acid; cane sugar.Red Jalapeño Puree The Perfect Purée

Made with mature jalapeños that have been deseeded, brined, and puréed with rice vinegar, Red Jalapeño Puree brings extra depth and spiciness to recipes that call for green jalapeño. As jalapeños ripen and mature on the vine, their skin turns from green to red as more capsaicin, the compound that causes spiciness, is developed. Red jalapeños harvested later in the ripening process are spicier than green jalapeños which are harvested earlier.

Peach Ginger blend ingredients: water; peach purée; cane sugar; ginger juice; lemon juice concentrate; lime juice concentrate; citric and ascorbic acids; natural flavor.

Peach Ginger blend is the essence of pure, sweet, sun-ripened yellow peaches enriched with the distinctive warmth of real ginger juice and finished with a splash of lemon and lime juices.

WHERE TO BUY: Red Jalapeño Puree and Peach Ginger blend are available to foodservice professionals in cases of 30-oz. jars (six jars to a case) via foodservice and produce distributors. Consumers can purchase flavors by the jar at

Foodservice professionals, start planning your 2020 menus now with complimentary samples of Red Jalapeño Puree and Peach Ginger blend. Complimentary sample boxes of The Perfect Purée’s flavors are always available to qualified foodservice professionals.