Stranahan’s Releases Blue Peak

Stranahan’s® Colorado Whiskey — the leading American single malt — is proud to introduce Stranahan’s Blue Peak to its line of Rocky Mountain whiskeys. The pioneering Denver distillery couples Stranahan’s high altitude distillation process and aging methods with a Solera finish, a maturation process typically used in wine, resulting in a rich and mellow whiskey.

Stranahan’s Blue Peak
Named for a 13-thousand-foot peak in Aspen, Blue Peak is built around a small batch of single malt whiskey that has been hand-crafted at a high altitude and aged for four years in 53 gallon, new American oak barrels with a #3 char. The profile of the aged expression is then expanded through the time-honored Solera process, imbuing the liquid with fruit and butterscotch characteristics.

As a part of the Solera process, aged liquid is transferred into new American oak foeders for several months. Once the liquid is fully married, a portion of the mature whiskey is removed, cut to proof with pristine Rocky Mountain water and chill filtered. Meanwhile, newly harvested whiskey is added to the remnants to marry. Since the foeders is never emptied, the Solera process allows for continuous marriage, maturation, and flavor development in the whiskey it holds. This extended finishing time amplifies the dark hue, silky body and complexity of the final whiskey.

An approachable, affordable whiskey, Blue Peak is bottled at 43% ABV and available nationwide to purchase for $42.99 at fine retailers nationwide.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Dried apricot, nutmeg, cinnamon toast, hints of leather and light tobacco

Palate: Creamy butterscotch and brown sugar, baked apples, with notes of cayenne and toasted oak

Finish: Rich and mellow, earthy malt gently fades into lingering spices

ABV: 43%

MSRP: $42.99 for a 750ml bottle