Sofidel’s Papernet Brand Unveils New Solutions that Reduce Paper Waste

Sofidel, a leading global provider of paper for hygienic and domestic use, launched two new Papernet brand products at booth 3227 at ISSA Show North America 2019 in Las Vegas. The small core toilet tissue and Ready Table interfolded napkins contribute to waste reduction and, as a result, greater environmental stewardship.

Ready Table interfolded napkins
Ready Table Interfolded Napkins

“We continue to develop products with an emphasis on sustainable hygiene,” said Giorgia Giove, Marketing Manager – Away from Home for Sofidel America. “Small core toilet tissue and Ready Table interfolded napkins empower businesses to reduce their carbon footprints by reducing waste.”

The new small core tissue limits waste by allowing more paper to fit in a smaller roll – each roll holds more than 8 rolls of conventional toilet paper. In addition to helping businesses minimize waste, small core rolls allow for more effective packaging, logistics and storage.

sofidel papernet small core toilet tissue
Small Core Tissue

Ready Table interfolded napkins, designed for foodservice operations, are made from 100% virgin fibers and are folded using a special technique that offers greater absorption to curb paper waste. Papernet also offers unique, colorful and dishwasher-safe dispensers for Ready Table napkins. Both restaurants and noncommercial operations like school cafeterias and corporate dining rooms can now easily clean the napkin dispensers to ensure they always look their best.

“These two new options add to our repertoire of environmentally friendly products while enabling businesses to stand out as green, clean operations at a time when sustainability is increasingly important to consumers,” said Giove.