Park City, Utah’s Award Winning Alpine Distilling Expands Distribution to Nevada

Alpine Distilling LogoAlpine Distilling, Park City’s award-winning locally-owned-and-operated craft distillery announces expanded distribution to Nevada through Southern Glazer’s beginning June 10th.

Founded in 2016 by Rob and Sara Sergent, Alpine Distilling has earned the recognition of spirits enthusiasts worldwide as well as numerous international awards.

Alpine Distilling produces the highest-quality premium spirits for active, creative and mindful individuals who are drawn to the mountain lifestyle of Park City, home to two world-class ski resorts and endless miles of hiking and biking trails. Each hand-crafted spirit starts with mountain water from a deep aquifer in Silver Creek, which originates near Alpine Distilling’s state-of-the-art facility. Then, drawing on the endless inspiration of an alpine environment and Rob’s family roots in Kentucky, Alpine Distilling combines classic distilling principles with creativity to produce one-of-a-kind spirits. All of Alpine’s spirits are distilled on site in custom stills with vapor baskets plus a copper pot still named Alifair, named after Rob’s after grandmother. All products are hand-bottled at the Silver Creek distillery with the exception of the Kentucky bourbon that forms the base of the Lafayette and Spur blends.

Alpine Distilling believes in crafting spirits to enjoy in the company of family and friends, a philosophy that led to the creation of its popular group tasting events for a fun and informative off-slope activity. At the monthly Gin Experience dinners, guests learn the art and history of distilling gin by creating their own gin recipe using mini pot stills and custom botanical selections.

As a socially-conscious brand, Alpine Distilling donates a portion of its proceeds to benefit local non-profits including the inspiration for the Preserve Liqueur, Swaner Nature Preserve.

Available Products

Preserve Liqueur (ABV 20 percent) 

Alpine Distilling’s original and most-decorated spirit, Preserve Liqueur is an all-natural combination of blood black tea, blood orange, candied raspberry, lemon balm and ginger inspired by sunset at the Swaner Nature Preserve. Distilled from 100 percent non-GMO corn and Orthodox Union certified kosher, Preserve is a one-of-a-kind tasting experience and an expression of the rejuvenating effects of time spent outdoors. Try it with soda water and lime for a low-proof sipper or in the “GPS”—Preserve Liqueur, Alpine Distilling Summit Gin and soda—a favorite among the Alpine Distilling staff.

Persistent Vodka (ABV 40 percent)

For its award-winning Persistent Vodka, Alpine Distilling set out to craft the most delicious, clean and drinkable vodka in the world. Distilled from 100 percent non-GMO corn, this vodka is filtered twice through activated charcoal which “softens” the distillate and results in the clean finish that earns this vodka its accolades. Triple reverse osmosis filtration is used to deionize and remove harsh minerals from the water that is used to proof the spirit.

Summit Gin (ABV 90 percent)

Rob Sergent, Alpine Distilling’s founder, spent his young, impressionable years on the high street of Pinner, a beautiful village 20 minutes outside of London. At the very top of the street was a bar where his friend Bill bartended and where Rob first tasted gin and learned the fascinating history of its significance in British culture. Cigar & Spirits Magazine said Summit Gin is made “. . . in the spirit of Bombay Sapphire,” proof that gin can be modern and respectful of traditions at the same time. Distilled using a hand-made column still using full vapor extraction, Summit Gin has notes of Croatian juniper berry for its woody and spicy heart-of-gin flavor, coriander seed from Egypt for its complex pepper flavor and other spices including angelica root, ginger, cardamom and orange and lemon peel for their warm, spicy and slightly sharp citrus notes. Summit Gin has a balanced, harmonious aroma and taste that is enjoyed neat, with soda and lemon or in the “PGT” gin and tonic with Preserve Liqueur.

Lafayette Spiced Bourbon (ABV 80 percent)

Finished Kentucky bourbon meets apricot, primrose and cinnamon to create this incredibly delicious “must-have” spiced whiskey inspired by Rob’s great-grandmother, Granny Babe, who would soak ripe stone fruit from her Kentucky farm in ’shine to add flavor. Technically a liqueur but bottled at 80 proof, Lafayette has enough sweetness to bring new drinkers to the brown spirits world and bring new life to classic cocktails such as the Boulevardier, Whiskey Mule (buck) and the Old Fashioned. Quickly mixing one-part Lafayette to three parts hot water will forever change the way you look at hot toddies. Try it with ginger beer for a refreshing summer cocktail or bring it in a flask for your next mountain adventure.

Spur Whiskey (ABV 40 percent)

Spur blended whiskey started life as a casual conversation between old friends. Alpine’s Head Distiller Rob Sergent and the owners of the Spur Bar & Grill on Main Street in Park City discussed the taste profiles of Alpine Distilling’s Traveler’s Rest Single Malt and its Kentucky-sourced bourbon. “It quickly became apparent that, if we could find the right balance and bring forward the best in our two base whiskeys, something magical and delicious could happen,” Rob said. “Our French-oak-aged single malt has a wonderful finish of banana and mocha with a vanilla spice, while our bourbon combines corn sweetness and American oak flavors with very subtle rye spice.” When blended together, the single malt distilled in Park City and the Kentucky bourbon create a workhorse of a whiskey that shows well in cocktails but which is still a pleasure to sip neat or on the rocks. Named the Most Innovative New Whiskey at the 2017 Drammie awards and the second-best American Blended Whiskey by the 2018 World Spirits Competition, Spur Whiskey demonstrates where a conversation with good friends can take you.

Alpine Liqueur (ABV 50 percent)

While Head Distiller Rob Sergent attended college in Munich, Germany, he was also skiing the Alps on the weekends. During those trips to the mountains, Rob discovered that each town had its own variety of digestif enjoyed after dinner. Upon moving to Park City to live the mountain lifestyle, he was inspired to create a Park City twist on the European classics of Chartreuse Vert and Absinthe. Alpine Liqueur is distilled from 100 percent non-GMO corn with botanicals (Spanish anise, green tea, peppermint, ginger, lemon balm, cinnamon, nutmeg and wormwood) macerated at different stages to create layered, complex flavors and balance the liqueur’s sweetness with a nice bitter finish. It can be consumed on its own as a classic digestif or be mixed one-part spirit to three parts cold water for a “minty” refreshing cordial. Try it in hot chocolate for an adult aprés-ski beverage or use it to rinse a glass in preparation for a modern, delicious Sazerac.

Traveler’s Rest American Single Malt (ABV 45 percent)

Alpine Distilling’s flagship whiskey is made of 100 percent American two-row barley. Distilled on a hand-made copper pot still, heads and tails cuts are removed to ensure the correct flavors and proof are achieved on a consistent basis (this is the art of distilling). One of the few true American single malt whiskeys, Traveler’s Rest is aged in former Buffalo Trace American oak bourbon barrels and finished in new, toasted French oak to round out the flavor profile with vanilla, mocha and spice. This whiskey has won double-gold at the highly competitive New York’s 50 Best competition as well as a gold medal at the SIP Awards. Traveler’s Rest has been selling out upon release since 2017. Fans are all patiently awaiting the next release, which is sleeping peacefully at the distillery.