Pabst Blue Ribbon Releases Three Bold New Flavors of Hard Tea in Variety Pack

Pabst Blue Ribbon has been brewing up delicious, refreshing drinks for over 175 years, and 2021 will be no different, as the famed blue ribbon graces three bold new flavors of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s effervescent Hard Tea. Hard Tea enthusiasts will be able to grab all their flavor fixes at once with the national launch of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s new Hard Tea Variety Pack.Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Hard Tea Variety Pack

With summer drinking in mind, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Hard Tea Variety Pack is packed with four unique hard tea seltzers – pineapple-passionfruit, lemon, raspberry, and peach. Each variety case will include all four, natural flavors featured in a 12-pack of 12oz slim cans.

At 4% ABV, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Hard Tea is a fun original twist on a traditional seltzer, offering up more effervescence, bolder fruit profiles with only 100 calories and less than 4g of sugar in each can.

“We want to continue offering people fun, differentiated drinks that are shareable and surprising; drinks that make them say ‘Woah, PBR did that?’” says Nick Reely, Vice President of Marketing for Pabst Blue Ribbon. “Our brand might be over 175 years old, but we’re still young at heart and getting creative with how we range across the beverage category, as well as how we can bring some form of value to those that shop it, is something we’re relentless about.”

Over the last several years, Pabst Blue Ribbon has pushed boundaries experimenting with bold and creative new beverages that meet the needs of every occasion and consumer. Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Tea launched last year following Stronger Seltzer and the category pioneering Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee and Hard Cold Brew.